Friday, 16 October 2009

A Bad Day For Science

Zardarium was discovered (but has not been found out yet) on 27 December 2008 in a city notorious for killing Prime Ministers.

Nobody knows if its a what-a-gas (gas), a soul-lid (solid), or lick-wed (liquid). When tested on Federal rats, the animals squealed with joy; hence declared 'useful for the useless'.

It is believed to be very toxic if disposed of carelessly. If spilled, it is easy to wash away using hoses of the fire department.

Since the Gory-mint has unleashed it on the sleepy masses, the damage Zardarium will cause remains hard to detect. A famous clinic in Langley, Virginia has already come up with an antidote for treating those exposed to Zardarium.

Zardarium has neither half-life nor half lifestyle, it weighs nothing but has a pungent odour. It was sythesised in Karachi Jail using near-expired Baynazeerite and active Musharraphenol over a period of many years.

Scientists have, as of this writing, not decided what symbol to assign this thing but it is expected that Zinc's symbol (Zn) will soon be usurped by Zardarium.

For those on a death-wish, the only flavour it comes in is 'sherry'.

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