Friday, 16 October 2009

10-Years Old Brides

OK for 10-year-old girls to marry, says Saudi grand mufti

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s senior-most cleric said girls as young as 10-years old can be married, local media reported on Wednesday. Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said in a speech that Islamic sharia law allows the practice of pre-teen girls getting married, and that critics of the practice were doing the girls ‘an injustice’, reports said. “We hear often in the media about the marriage of minors. We must know that sharia law is not unjust for women, the cleric was quoted as saying.


Sharia must not mean 'man-made laws' derived from coined Hadith literature and perverted deliberations of senile old men. The the man who uttered this nonsense must give away his own daughter before fooling the believers.

It is precisely THIS perversion that negates all Qur'anic good sense by implying that a minor who has no sense of the real world (leave alone sex and marriage) is mature enough to agree to this social contract before she has reached maturity. And this also gives cause for celebration to the enemies of Islam who refer to Prophet Muhammad marrying 9-year old Hazrat Ayesha! Utter nonsense!

Here's God' Word:

AND [you ought to] marry the single from among you as well as such of your male and female slaves as are fit [for marriage]. (24:32)

NOTE: The term 'as-salihin' connotes here both moral and physical fitness for marriage: i.e., the attainment of bodily and mental maturity as well as mutual affection between the man and the woman concerned. As in 4:25, the above verse rules out all forms of concubinage and postulates marriage as the only basis of lawful sexual relations between a man and his female slave.

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