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Are All Germans Nazis?


Now, I will not repremand you for always reading my views like a spectator: I know you, silence suits you well.

The police (formerly 'east' German police) are brutal everywhere. Do you remember the Rodney King incident that took place in USA?

The Muhammad cartoon issue also hit Chowq but where was your voice and your anger? It is futile chasing after every abuser with a knife but expressing your disgust does send a clear message to the enemies of Islam who have nothing except vulgar things to say about Prophet Muhammad (peace on him). This website serves the same nefarious purpose, all in the name of freedom of expression; while I get banned for taking the abusers to task, the abusive perverts are given positions of influence here.


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“I really doubt that. First these Nazis killed Amir Cheema Shaheed in custody when he protested against the cartoons from Danish cartoonists that German government published in its newspapers.”

There are always two sides to a story. While the Germans are responsible for their sins, we too must exercise restrain while countering western media's bias.

Please read this now:

Who was Aamir Cheema? A Hero, A Shaheed or an Unfortunate Misguided Soul?

Aamir Cheema was a student in Germany. Apparently, he went to assassinate the editor of Die Welt newspaper for publishing the infamous cartoons. Security arrested him in the lobby of the building and he was allegedly carrying a knife and told the police that he was going to kill the editor. He was arrested by the police but later, according to the German authorities, he committed suicide while in prison. According to German authorities, an autopsy was performed in the presence of two Pakistani FIA officials. The autopsy showed that there were no marks indicating physical violence.

Read: Herald Tribune [This is a biased report from International Herald Tribune!!]

Did he attack, or did he only intend to attack? Or did he tell that to the security guards in the lobby, which means that he was really pissed off (that is, temporarily insane). Either way, he was not a murderer or an assassin, or a terrorist for that matter. He was just a very pissed off and stressed out young man. Now why would he commit suicide? This is again not clear. Did the Pakistani Ambassador to Germany meet this kid in the prison? Forget the Ambassador, did anyone from the Pakistani Embassy go and talk to him while he was in custody? Was an attorney for his defense arranged? Was the Pakistani Embassy notified by the German police?

I assure you that the two FIA officials that they deputed to watch over the autopsy were also equally incompetent. The government should have sent the top coroner or a professor of Forensic Medicine from KEMC, instead of these two morons from FIA. This just goes to show that our top officials have their heads so far down up their behinds that they cannot think or see straight. These morons got a free trip to Germany to buy stuff for their wives and children from TA/DA.

Please tell me how could an idiot a moron from FIA [like a blind and a deaf] can tell by “observing” an autopsy being performed by German authorities if there was any foul-play? Are they experts in Forensic Medicine? Did they make sure that the body was sealed after the suicide was discovered? How did they confirm that there was no tampering by the German police and other officials? Are we going to take the Germans for their word on it? Should we take their word for it under the circumstances? Why was an expert in Forensics not sent on the trip?

There are so many questions but no answers. Only a lot of horse-sh*t is being dolled out by the most incompetent people on the planet – GOP

The problem is that they should have taken over the body and conducted autopsy not just looking for signs of physical violence on the skin, but also the detailed analysis of the other organs to see if he was asphyxiated or traumatized in any other way. Nothing about this case makes sense.

Unfortunately, we have very incompetent people in the top echelons of the GOP. And the tragedy is that these people are oblivious of their responsibilities to the nation. And if you dare remind them, they would shamelessly disagree and blame someone else.

I am not saying that Aamir was murdered, but I am saying that again we screwed up in the way he handled the whole affair. I think the main issue is how his case was mishandled by the Pakistani Consulate and the Embassy, and afterwards by the Government.

There is always a test of goodness: Would the situation have been different if it was son of the Pakistani Ambassador to Germany?

Also, a few questions that all Pakistanis should ask themselves: What is wrong with our youth and what are we teaching them? What kind of stupid brain-washing drove this young man to pull an extremely stupid stunt like this? What is this nation and its younger generation coming to? Have we forgotten the basic teachings of the Prophet (PBUH)? Is he really a hero and “shaheed” or a very unfortunate and extremely misguided soul?


“Only two months ago they dragged a Muslim woman into the courts for wearing hijab and then killed this 7 month pregnant Muslim woman right in front of the judge and shot her husband who came forward to protect her. Only last week these nazis dragged a muslim woman through streets kicking and punching her - her crime, she was wearing a hijab.”

All German are NOT Nazis; you must be Jewish treasure-hunter to claim that.

Marwa el-Shirbini, 31, was stabbed 18 times by a German man of ‘Russian’ descent as she was about to give evidence against him in an appeal case in Dresden. The man had earlier been fined 750 euros (1,050 dollars) for insulting El-Shirbini at a playground in 2008. She filed charges after he called her a ‘terrorist,’ apparently because she was wearing a headscarf. The 28-year-old attacker, whom they described as ‘a fanatical racist’, was overpowered and investiged for manslaughter. We do not know what happened to him.


“These animals [Germans] are capable of doing anything to weak and vulnerable. Ever heard what they did to the Jews?”

Animals exist everywhere. The Jewish elites sold off the lower lot to a fascist dicatator, and went on to claim billions of Dollars worth of war reparations and to become art collectors and media tycoons. It is always the lower end that is considered ‘expendable’ by the elites. Note how the usurious money-lending minions of Iblees have financed every bloody revolution and useless war to offer blood sacrifices.

The religion preached by Abraham (peace on him) is not the problem, the Jewish usurious exploitation of so many European countries is the problem; Zionism is the problem.

What would the world say if the Germans, through propaganda movies, portrayed for the next sixty years, the Jewish elites for what they really are? Are not other nations justified in exposing Zionism, are Mahatir Muhammad or Ahmedinejad lying through their teeth? Why is it a crime in many European countries to deny the holocaust, which, over the years, has turned into an exclusive Jewish extermination programme created by Hitler? Why do they not raise their voices against the Communists who murdered 100 million in the name of a godless ideology?

I have said what I wanted to say—your turn now.

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