Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Frosty Moons / Rainbows In The Night

Now what would you say if I told you I could show you a rainbow after dark? Well, there is such a thing afterall.

Last night was a full moon night with a special name: Frosty Moon. The name comes from northern autumnal ground frost, which glistens beautifully in pale moonlight. Many observers of such wonderful treats of Nature like going outside to enjoy the free show.

Have you ever seen a rainbow after dark? It happened last night in Yorkshire, UK, where Christopher Walker photographed a multi-colored band arcing over the countryside!

Rainbows appear when sunlight is reflected from raindrops but in this case, the sun was not required; the Frosty Moon was bright enough to work the wonder on its own.

“Last night, the moonlight was so bright that I saw red in the rainbow with unaided eyes", says Christopher Walker. A 30-second exposure with my digital camera revealed the full range of rainbow colors."

What can I say?—enjoy the image posted on the Internet.

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