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I Could Eat Them RAW

This is a rebuttal to what Pavocavalry wrote in his latest ilog (

"There is no Jewish or US or Indian Conspiracy....there is no conspiracy by foreigner..."


Prince Albert's Very Own (PAVO-cavalry):

I have reason to believe that this yubb-site has been taken over (coup d'├ętat) by senile retired RAW majors gone communist. Surely, you are not one of them but whose side are you on and why are you spewing out such venom while living abroad?

That none are working against Pakistan and Islam but are rather in their garden, innocently dipping biscuits in English cups of tea, is a thought that can only come to the mind of a madman who has damaged major portions of his brain by stomping his heels while parading up and down a destructive path.

I believe Nawab Mirza Mohammad Sirajud Dawla—whom the Red Coats called ‘Sir Roger Dowlett’ because they could not pronounce his name—died in his Jacuzzi. Is it correct that he did not mind the British politico-military presence in Bengal represented by the British East India Company? Why do Muslims today abhor the American-British coalition’s presence in our countries?

Notice how Western-controlled information on this Muslim freedom-fighter is distorted beyond recognition (see Wikipedia’s and is accompanied with a silly notice that claims ‘The neutrality of this section is disputed’. How fair are the fair ones!

What Lord Robert Clive (Siraj’s opponent) lorded over and how much of an English gentle man he really was, few will ever bother finding out. May Allah keep (Syed) Mir Jaffar (Ghaddaar-e-Hind: the traitor of India), in hell forever for deceiving Nawab Sirajud Dawla and surrendering his army in battlefield against Robert Clive.

May Allah keep this traitor in hell along with rich bankers Jagat Seth, Umi Chand and the former Diwan, Rai Durlabh; all minions of the British East India Company. These days we have the World Bank, the IMF and our resident traitors bent upon destroying humankind from within. May Allah condemn Robert Clive to stabbing himself repeatedly to die a billion deaths (Clive stabbed himself to death with a penknife, although the suicide has been linked to his history of depression and to opium addiction).

"A great prince was dependent on my pleasure, an opulent city lay at my mercy; its richest bankers bid against each other for my smiles; I walked through vaults which were thrown open to me alone, piled on either hand with gold and jewels! Mr. Chairman, at this moment I stand astonished at my own moderation."
—Baron Robert Clive, commenting on accusations of looting the Bengal treasury after Plassey, at his impeachment trial in 1773.

"It is possible to mention men who have owed great worldly prosperity to breaches of private faith; but we doubt whether it is possible to mention a state which has on the whole been a gainer by a breach of public faith."
—Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay, later British Secretary at War, who condemned Clive's actions.

The following were the terms of the ‘Diwani and Dual government In Bengal’ agreed between the new Nawab (Mir Jaffar) and the East India Company:

1. Confirmation of the mint, and all other grants and privileges in the Alinagar treaty with the late Nawab.
2. An alliance, offensive and defensive, against all enemies whatever.
3. The French factories and effects to be delivered up, and they never permitted to resettle in any of the three provinces.
4. 100 lacs of rupees to be paid to the Company, in consideration of their losses at Calcutta and the expenses of the campaign.
5. 50 lacs to be given to the British sufferers at the loss of Calcutta
6. 20 lacs to Gentoos, Moors, & black sufferers at the loss of Calcutta.
7. 7 lacs to the Armenian sufferers. These three last donations to be distributed at the pleasure of the Admiral and gentlemen of Council.
8. The entire property of all lands within the Mahratta ditch, which runs round Calcutta, to be vested in the Company: also, six hundred yards, all round, without, the said ditch.
9. The Company to have the zemindary of the country to the south of Calcutta, lying between the lake and river, and reaching as far as Culpee, they paying the customary rents paid by the former zemindars to the government.
10. Whenever the assistance of the British troops shall be wanted, their extraordinary charges to be paid by the Nawab.
11. No forts to be erected by the Nawab's government on the river side, from Hooghley downwards.

In addition, PAVO, did Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu (Tipu Sultan) slip and die in his shower? I believe, the British were in India only to enjoy a family picnic when Tipu disturbed them—right?

Notice that Wikipedia, so popular these days amongst liberal minds, does NOT mention Mir Sadiq, the traitor who betrayed Tipu Sultan to the British; this, dear readers, is the planned bias built into such web sites.

The British promised Mir Sadiq, the chief traitor, that in return for helping them, they would make him the ruler of Mysore. Also involved in this plot was Pandit Purnia, Tipu's Secretary of Treasury; he was promised the post of Prime Minister. They both tried tricks. During a conflict, Purnia told the soldiers to come collect their wages. The soldiers left the cannons (the British supplied with empty cannonballs) and went for their pay while the British destroyed parts of the fort wall.

Tipu was having lunch at that moment and with a sword in hand he rushed to the danger-spot saying: “One days's life of a lion is preferable to hundred years' existence of a jackal”. Tipu, along with four other bodyguards, killed a record 4,500 British soldiers!

Do you remember Tipu’s quote PAVO? The martyr’s mission was to foil the evil designs of a foreign power, which, with its political intrigues, had established its supremacy over major parts of India and threatening his own state of Mysore.

Criticise intelligently but never pity those in whose veins flows real blood, not the corrupting liquid of foreign currencies.

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