Friday, 20 November 2009

Your Own Fat In Cosmetics?

Dear readers:

You have read about sub-standard counterfeit fake condoms, and condoms turned into hairclips and headbands, now get ready for this. Four persons have been arrested in Peru on suspicion of killing dozens of people in order to sell their fat and tissue for cosmetic uses in Europe.

People with excess fat around their bellies may stop right here and need not concern themselves with reading the details.
The murderers allegedly targeted people on isolated roads, tempting them with bogus job offers before butchering them to extract their fat. The liquidised product fetched $15,000 (£9,000) a litre and police suspect it was sold to companies in Europe.

At least five other suspects, including two Italian nationals, remain at large. The police said the murderous gang could be behind the disappearances of up to sixty persons in Peru's Huanuco and Pasco regions. One of those arrested told the police that their ringleader had been on a killing-spree for fat for more than three decades.

The murderous gang has been nicknamed Pishtacos, after an ancient Peruvian legend of killers who attacked people on lonely roads and killed them for their fat. At a news conference, the police showed the shocked reporters two bottles containing human body fat and images of one of the alleged victims.

One of the alleged killings is reported to have taken place in mid-September, with the person's body tissue removed for sale. Commander Angel Toledo said that some of the suspects had "declared and stated how they murdered people with the aim of extracting their fat in rudimentary labs and sell it".
The Police suspect the fat was sold to cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in Europe, but have not confirmed any such connection.

Dear shocked readers, in one of my blogs I did request someone not to ask me what the cosmetics manufacturers used in expensive anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams. Well, now we almost know that one could wind up unknowingly applying a dead human being’s fat. One can never be sure what those numbered ‘E’ ingredients might really be in cosmetics and edible products.

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