Friday, 27 November 2009

German Military Chief Hates The Dirty Job

Germany’s top general and a senior defence ministry official quit on Thursday over an airstrike in Afghanistan in which NATO says as many as 142 people were killed.

The resignations, announced in parliament by Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, followed press revelations that a military report about the September 4 strike was suppressed.

Germany, with around 4,300 troops, is the third-largest contributor of foreign troops in Afghanistan after the United States and Britain. The mission is opposed by a majority of voters in Germany, polls indicate.

Chief of staff General Wolfgang Schneiderhan “has released himself from his duties at his own request”, zu Guttenberg said. “State secretary (Peter) Wichert is also taking responsibility.”

My comment:

German military chief resigns over Afghan airstrike. The burden on one’s soul, of doing great wrong to fellow man, is immense. When will other generals of the All-Lied occupation forces follow General Wolfgang’s example?

The occupiers need to go back to grow their own poppy, dig their own oil, and mind their own business instead of force-feeding the world with their damaging brand of democracy.

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