Saturday, 28 November 2009

German Minister Quits Over Afghan Strike

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Germany’s former defence minister Franz Josef Jung quit the cabinet on Friday over a deadly bombing in Afghanistan, the day after claims of a cover-up took the scalp of the country’s top general.

Jung resigned as labour minister shortly after refusing to quit as pressure mounted over the bombing of two oil tanker Lorries in the northern province of Kunduz in which dozens of civilians are believed to have died. “After consideration ... I told Chancellor Merkel this morning that I was handing in my position as Federal Labour Minister,” Jung told reporters in Berlin.

My comments:

Bit by bit the American aggression will wither away, it will crumble and fall like the Roman Empire did, and it will come down like the Berlin Wall. While the mad scientists of the world try to sell to the world the pseudo-scientific theory of Global Warming, the American forces are busy with its partners in crime securing oil and opium resource to feed its oil-hungry and dope-consuming public. This cannot last forever; Pharaoh’s army will drown in a river of shame if not in the Nile.

The Germans are not what the wicked Hollywood portrays them as; they are a proud industrious people. The Europeans are fed up with America’s GWOT (global war of error, actually) but the flow of promises and cash Dollars manages to tilt the balance in favour of wickedness. One useless war after another, one occupation after another; is this how freedom and democracy will emancipate the enslaved?
But the patient and the oppressed will not suffer forever. No matter what the Satanists and the Communists (accursed people of the Left) claim, God’s Will eventually prevails.

(3:54) And the unbelievers schemed; but God brought their scheming to nought: for God is above all schemers.

(8:30) AND how those who were bent on denying the truth were scheming against thee, in order to restrain thee [from preaching], or to slay thee, or to drive thee away: thus have they [always] schemed: but God brought their scheming to nought - for God is above all schemers.

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