Sunday, 1 November 2009

Masadi MIA

Posted by masadi on Thursday October 29, 2009 04:54 pm

Tahir sahib so you have expunged me from your mailing list and stopped posting on what I write because I told you not to post nonsense comments that represent your ego and the fact that you want to assume command based on some birthright and cannot bear to see anyone else do anything. This type of ego nurturing is contrary to the spirit of the Quran. You are going down a miserable path, save yourself.


Mr Asadi:

I address those who are educated enough as mister; I do the same for you.

But hey Asadi, you could have verified, through other more appropriate means, if I had included your name in the IGNORE/BLOCK list. But you did not, and instead decided to go public.

Using the word ‘nonsense’ was inappropriate, you could have said, ‘Please say something useful’. Again, you went negative and asked me not to post non-sense; this was not the most sensible thing to do under GWOT conditions. The phone number you gave me turned out to be that of the police station and they swore they knew you by name but had no idea what you looked like.

Ego?—what is that? Why do I need to get into your way when you have chosen to jump off the mothersip without a backup parachute? That despite my advice you apologised to those whom you thought would treat you like a gentleman, you went ahead and made everbody’s day. You did not appreciate my pointing out the fatal mistake in public and private through veiled references, and this again led to what was expected of Chowq Stuffed: a ban.

I claim no ‘birthright’, but I do have a birth mark whose location I cannot reveal on a public forum. What is according to the spirit of the Qur’an and what is not, I know fully well, and THIS is the reason I write on Chowq. My path is clear, it leads to greater things, how can you claim that my path is ‘miserable’?

Please feel free to comment sensibly or senselessly on my blogs. Since I was busy putting Chowq’s stray dogs to sleep, your name—by mistake, of course—was added to the list of persona non grata. You will be pleased to know that your position as a commentator stands restored.

Always ask, never assume.


Read other ARTICLES and BLOGS by the author. The reason he is frequently banned on Chowq is because he (1) posts rebuttals to anti-Islam atheists (2) counters their anti-Pakistan propaganda efficiently (3)shows them how the American ‘wet dream’ is drying up globally (4) opposes their sponsored 'favourite' writers’ debauched views, and satirizes them

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