Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bollywood Song Parodies By Tahir Gul Hasan

Dear music lovers:

It all started with great innocence and soon developed into something very lethal.

First the Press Trust Of India noticed what I was doing to their Bollywood songs. Then came along India's CATCH NEWS e-zine which covered my parodies with an article titled: New twist to old Bollywood songs, courtesy an ardent Pakistani fan. On both occasions, it was journalist Lamat R Hasan who spread the good news.

So here it is, all of the songs in one blog along with their web links.



28) What Shall I Preach To You, Doll Rubber?
27) Ranch, Love-Gum, Woes

26) From Behind Your (Fake) Eyelashes

25) Shall I Kill Thee Or What?

24) O Hidden One (Under My Bed), Appear Before Me!

23) I Earn Abundantly But The Earnings Go Under

22) Eena, Meena, Deeka

21) This Is Not A ChooRhi (Sweeperess)

20) Can't You Hug Her?

19) The Job Of The Broken Porcelain) Dil(do)

18) Come Here To My Hot Zoo

17) The Poppy Scorpion's Singer Mounted Me!

16) I Swear Upon The Shame(ful) Gum

15) I'm Paula Abdul's Lyricist

14) From Your (Moulin Rouge) World

13) That Love-Gum Of Yours Was Just An X-cuse

12) It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Play (Doc-Doc) With Me

11) (Hey Babe) The French Letters That I Wrote To You

10) My Foe, May You Thirst For My (Pen-prick)Friendship

9) Is That Not Him?

8) Feeling Helpless, She May Have Chosen To Forget Me

7) That Thing Which Is In You (Ooh...Babe)

6) What Have You Promised Me (O Mother Of 13 Royal Ones)?

5) Let The Flowers Touch Your Feet (Baby, Baby, Baby!)

4) My Eyes Became Tearful As I Thought Of You (Baby, Baby...)

3) Let Both Of Us Become Strangers Once Again

2) What Came To Your Mind, O Creator Of The World?

1) If I'm Separated From You


Anonymous said...

This is surely amazing stuff. Probably the best parodies there are.

TGH said...

Thanks, whoever this is!
Don't tell them I corrupted you.

sumeraamir said...

hiii..Nice to see u...

TGH said...

Welocme to the jungle, SA!

Anonymous said...

maan gaye duniya global villege he..aur face book is like the mall road of murree,where u can meet any long lost friend right!nasira

laila gul said...

Hain Aur Bhi Duniya Mein Sukhanwar Bohat Acchay ... Kehtay Hain Kay Tahir Ka Hai Andaze Bayan Aur