Friday, 21 May 2010

Cyber Bans

Cyber terrorism originating from the US and Europe must stop. I recall having McAfee Anti-Virus on my computer and watching with horror, a world map of the sources of such malicious attacks; they came from the so-called centres of the 'New World' and the 'civilized advanced nations' in our direction. Is there a law in place to protect us from these monsters?

Many talk-show hosts, stand-up comedians and their fans love insulting God, His books and the prophets he sent for our guidance. Non-sense must be stopped; freedom of speech does not mean THIS!

It is appalling how those who earlier felt quite amused by the abuse hurled at what is dear to Muslims are now bemoaning the recent FaceBook debacle.

Shameless indeed are those who do not hold owners of such websites responsible for the filth they allow to be published against Muslims. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) knows it all too and has asked the ISPs to block many offensive websites, and perhaps soon the High Court will 'do more' for our saviours in Washing-ton.

Please read '440 Volts Jolt' in the sidebar; my profile says it all. We need to openly condemn all turncoats, collaborators and traitors amongst us and elsewhere whose mission in life is to create unrest leading to wars. The world will not come to an end if there is no FaceBook, Wikipedia, Twitter or YouTube.

Each Muslim who prays sends out an SMS to every other Muslim. Let us see how satanic technology can block this!


WASHINGTON: An American cartoonist whose work inspired the controversial “Everybody Draw Muhammed Page” on Facebook has condemned the effort and issued an apology to Muslims. Molly Norris, of Seattle, drew a cartoon in April to protest the decision by the US television channel Comedy Central to cancel an episode of the popular show “South Park” over its depiction of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

In her cartoon, Norris satirically proposed May 20 as an “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day”.

“I apologise to Muslims and ask that this ‘day’ be called off,” the American cartoonist said.


Anonymous said...

No doubt, its an offense to hit any religion & the prophets of any religion because privacy is the right of every nation.
They want to just propagate a false propaganda against Muslims in order to turn them into demotivated individuals who lose their faiths like them, they are basically jealous of our Ishq e Rasool, because they dont have have that in their hearts this is what is missing & the decisive factor between them & us. BE HOPEFUL & POSITIVE FOR MUSLIM UMMAH & SERVE PAKISTAN MORE AS PAKISTAN IS THE ONLY COUNTRY WHICH HAS THAT FIRE WITHIN ITS FOUNDATIONS. bunti

TGH said...

May Allah bless all those who have His guiding light in their hearts. Thanks for interacting, Bunti.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are under the radar more than ever since 9/11, and things are not improving any time soon. Let them do whatever they want, I would refrain from burning tyres & smashing windows for an act done by an ignorent basterd.

yeah pakistan has plenty of stuff in it's foundations, that is why most of 'kabooms' are traced back to pakistan.


TGH said...


"Combating radicalisation is a focus of a new surge in US aid to Pakistan, where polls repeatedly reveal deep anti-Americanism."

And they're fuelling this fire to benefit their grip on occupied countries!

TGH said...


For a change, try tracing the sources of the explosives and the Dollars.

Don't us, blame the corrupters. Until Iblees came along, Adam was innocent and knew not temptation.

Anonymous said...

TGH - we know very well what agenda the mullahs are working on - they are not forced to take dollars - truth is that mullahs don't give an F about this country - as long as the land serves thier purpose to spread thier holy war (more like holy shit!!!war) why saudis are not named or make news when most of the kachra is sponsored by them? why not some other islamic country? why pakistan only? someone farts in US they blame is on pakistan. great.

Adam was 'beta testing' for humans, and he failed, then his 'aulad' failed as well, Allah told us how prune we are to the temptations.

Our support for useless causes has brought the whole nation down and all systems are failing. some approach that is to stepping into the 21st century.