Saturday, 8 May 2010

Being Economically Dressed In Ukraine

The West always oppresses and taunts Muslim women for covering their faces and sometimes, entire bodies. They obviously never look at modestly dressed Christian nuns; such are the snide moves that the secularists make—not that I advocate that awful full-body battle apparel called ‘Burqa’.

Our women can and do protest but mostly in their feminine hearts. By contrast, the liberated Western women expose themselves to their admirers to sometimes launch completely or partially nude protests in full view of the public. Let us not call their condition ‘nude’ but rather one where they are very economically clad—thanks to this itch to unclothe due to global warming. Their unhappy exposure appears to have some link with the climate change that we are told is taking place all around Al Gore and his pseudo science thugs.

Ukraine is a great country—it is unfortunate that comedian Borat only spanks Kazakistan in his comedy shows (watch his movie: ‘Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’). So what wrong did Ukraine do? They did this. Four young women—very economically dressed from the waist up—forcefully moved into a Ukrainian polling station to hold an unruly protest just before a candidate in the country’s presidential election cast his ballot there. One can imagine the effect that might have had on the poor male voters lined up to—of all the things—push a piece of paper into a barren ballot box.

Photographers are lucky people by a poor deprived person’s standards. An AFP photographer saw the women, members of a small feminist group called ‘Femen’ known for staging eye-catching protests, being hustled out of the Kiev polling station by security guards (let us call them ‘Naked Fight Coordinators’) before candidate Viktor Yanukovich showed up to vote. And poor Viktor Yanukovich missed the entire flesh exposure. I think he might have rejoiced in the fact that it does not matter who castes the votes, what matters is who counts them.

“Enough raping our democracy!” shouted the protesters, who held signs with slogans such as ‘Help! Rape!’ and wore nothing except for jeans and strips of green electrical tape.

Whether pasting green electrical tape on one’s chest or being a Greenpeace activist, anything green is considered good these days—now that the politicians have run out of promises.

When Ukrainian women are so open about politics, one need not worry about the silent men. The women told reporters they were protesting ‘the end of democracy’ in Ukraine and not specifically against Yanukovich or in favour of his rival, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. We are not told what the men said about the demise of democracy.

Femen, whose members are mostly university students, attracted international attention last summer when it held a protest against Ukraine’s sex tourism trade where activists picketed in central Kiev wearing bras and panties.

If taking one’s clothes off as part of public protest is what they call true democracy and freedom of speech, Pakistan’s debauched elites would love to listen to overt American suggestions while ignoring the calls of all bearded and veiled tyrants.

Bras and panties cover, they hold things together nicely. The reason why Russia broke up into many small countries is that they ran out of red bras and panties that previously held together the Communist political system of the same colour.


Anonymous said...

Your signature flavor, Satire... Loved the writing.

As for the news, the world is becoming a sillier place by the second... the protests are becoming naked and truth is getting burried further down under... huh.

TGH said...

Thanks for liking the piece.
We're all born protesting in the nude, so from the viewpoint of the nude protestors, nothing is wrong!

Anonymous said...
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Zakia Khwaja said...

Well at least they've got the publicity part down pat :D. Who would one pay more attention to: Women in burqas protesting or women in bras and panties protesting? It gets their cause noticed and right now that's what they're going for. It makes one think - if one gets offended by seeing women protest in bras and panties on the street, how do they feel about them being exploited in much more abusive and dangerous ways.

A little extreme and drastic perhaps but at least they're standing up for their rights. I would rather have this than apathetic ewes following the mindless dictates of a male dominated society.

TGH said...

Thanks ZK, you're conservative but you sound very liberal!

Probably the covered ones derive as many cheap thrills as the uncovered ones. I can only show you the field, but not go in and cut each blade of grass down to the size of my choice. God's lawn mower does it so much better.

If females were to outnumber men, I would not refer to the imbalance with contempt as 'female dominated society'.

Women have very able tongues and they ought to say no to exploitation.

Pashtana said...

Oh Good God.

For those Muslims who think that western women really ARE oppressed because they work too much, they have to handle more than one job, they *have* to show their legs and other body parts, etc., think again! Or let a Western girl know that's what you think -- an educated western girl, that is. The fact is, at least the western woman won't be IMPRISONED if she chooses to dress in a way that's not acceptable in her society. She might get weird looks from people, but at least she won't be penalized by the government for it. But let a Muslim woman in a Muslim country/community show her legs or not cover her face where she's supposed to. Or let a Muslim woman drive her car in an area where she's not supposed to (like Saudi Arabia or parts of Pakistan), and see what happens to her. In 1992, a group of some 40 Muslim veiled women in Saudi Arabia decided to get their cars and drive them on a highway near the nation's capital in Riyadh. My, oh my, all of them were imprisoned (and I think even physically tortured as well), and their passports were taken from them so that they wouldn't be able to leave the country for two years or so.

Yes, let's always let the subaltern speak for her/himself. The Muslim women in the east who do things because they're forced to by religious and cultural standards are JUST as oppressed as the western women who do what they do because their society *makes* them. I call it oppression only because of the lack of choice -- but I think the "western oppression" is FAR more favorable to the "eastern/Muslim" one, since you actually get punished there for doing or not doing something while you don't necessarily in the West.

For more of my thoughts on this matter of the oppression of women in the West and the oppression of women in the east, please feel free to visit my blog post titled "Gender, Feminism, and Muslim Scholars" available at the following link:

TGH said...

Thanks for your first visit and comments.
In case you failed to notice, I do condemn all that is illogical or which goes against what God has commanded us.
Have a nice day and do come again.