Thursday, 27 May 2010

Chowk: This Site is Restricted

And moreover, Dr Safwan Shah and Chowq ed-eaters, do read all my old blogs on Chowq that uncover your yubb-site's highhandedness, insults hurled at Muslims (through your minions) and unfair bans unleashed on those who justifiably protested. But your cyberspace Guantanamo will fail and your water-boarding will always remain distasteful.

Dr Shah, show me just one blog or interact where I abused others' gods and I will show you a million places where your e-tribe wilfully hurt the feelings of those who worship God and bow down before Him alone. You may have given up your faith living in the kingdom of the crystal skull but we haven't in the land of the pure.

As for the rest of the silent readers who felt hurt, and the mild protestors who felt deep down they were with me but somehow abandoned me because it was declared fashionable by a few rebellious Chowq devils, I congratulate all of you. The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), that small ant has struck back with a ‘This Site is Restricted’ move.

Dr Shah, Chowq is your mad elephant and you have always acted like Abraha all along, and may God's own little birds level your unblessed e-commerce. Truly, Chowq deserves a complete ban in Pakistan, and owes all the Muslims an unconditional apology for having done tremendous wrong for years on end.

If you find that my original blog has been removed from Chowq, you are at the right space reading it: here!

And home is where I hang my hat and lay down my bullwhip. If you do not mind, I am tired now and need some rest.

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TGH said...

Posts copied from Chowq:


Posted by tahir on Thursday May 27, 2010 03:28 am


I cannot give you the excuse to pity a Hindu lady.

Perfectly decent ladies on your side do read and enjoy what I write. So happy are some with this arrangement that they find no reason to marry or re-marry!


Posted by tahir on Thursday May 27, 2010 03:25 am


It appears that you do not read my lines or what is between them. For serious laughs, read my artcile "The Wild Side Of The Mall" which was originally published by Dawn newspaper:

The arguement is not whether God can or cannot handle what His creations hurls against Him, the issue is what are we, as His appointed administartors, doing on planet Earth?
Posted by tahir on Thursday May 27, 2010 03:15 am
Please post this on your FaceBook walls:

Chowk: This Site is Restricted icted_27.html



Posted by bjk on Thursday May 27, 2010 03:14 am
aar, I feel bad for you.

Ek kaam kar. Shaadi kar le!

Then noody will feel bad for you -- they will be too busy feeling bad for the lady. :((


Posted by visiontunnel on Thursday May 27, 2010 03:13 am

With due apologies, the god must be above and away from any frivolous lampooning indulged by few.

God, the all powerful perhaps can take care of every thing heaped on him or his image.

How about criticizing all the bloodshed, bomb blasts, killing and hate spewing by few custodian of the faith.

Warm regards,