Friday, 22 January 2010

A Warning To Pakistani Parents

US National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair on Tuesday held a roundtable discussion with Pakistani-Americans as part of an effort to boost the recruitment and retention of Pakistani-Americans in US intelligence agencies.

“We need you to help us build a better relationship between the United States and Pakistan,” Blair said during the meeting, according to remarks released by his office. He also stressed the “common threat” faced by both countries.

The Pakistani-American citizens—led like sacrificial sheep by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani—included two dozen business leaders, college students and federal employees.

I request all Pakistani parents, please talk to your sons and daughters, whom you have sent abroad for expensive but useless education, and instruct them to remain clear of these dangerous recruiters. Dr Afia Siddiqui is going to be sacrificed on the altar of American demon-crazy. She is a very bright person who has nothing to do with what they accuse her of; this is what they call entrapment.

The National Intelligence director’s office said the meeting delved into “past problems of mistrust”, the role of the media and “the rise of religious extremism in Pakistan”.

Understanding who we are and where we are headed is NOT religious extremism. I would advise all the Green Cardigan turncoats to stay clear of this trap of spying on their own Motherland and their relatives back home and instead focus on happily remaining where you are and on getting your invader army 'boys' back where they belong.

We already have a huge population of agents, double agents, and triple-decker agents amidst us. We certainly do not need more of the same human garbage dressed in business suits.

Pakistanis must be wary of dealing with such elements that look like us, speak like us but are not WITH us or FOR us. This ‘intelligence’ recruitment has been going on since many decades The reason why you see no progress but rather a downward slide is that very few men here are 'real men' who have the courage to say no to these fancy dinners and indirect bribes. Now imagine how Washington might react if our intelligence agencies gathered some Pak-Americans and asked them to do the same for Pakistan. God! The poor green Cardigans will be horrified at such indecent proposals.

Remain fearful of Allah alone, He will indeed question you about what you did on Earth.

Never be collaborators or traitors to your Motherland. Never let Iblees mislead you.

©Tahir Gul Hasan, 2010

Interesting 24 March 2017 UPDATES

Document reveals Gillani authorised Haqqani to issue visas to Americans
ISLAMABAD: Two days after Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz claimed that the interior ministry had in 2010 empowered the then ambassador of Pakistan in Washington, Hussain Haqqani, to directly issue diplomatic visas to Americans without clearance of relevant authorities, a document reveals the authorisation originated from the office of then prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani.

PPP hits back after letter empowering Hussain Haqqani 'leaked' to media
Clarifying the PPP's position on the controversy surrounding the issuance of over two thousand visas to US citizens, allegedly after bypassing proper channels, party spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar on Friday said there was "nothing new or wrong" in the letter sent by Prime Minister House to the Foreign Office in 2010 circulated in media today.


Ayesha Zee Khan said...

I like the article tgh and the advice for many Pakistani parents you have addressed here."Sacrificial Sheep" thats a nice way to put things in the right order.

TGH said...

Thanks, AZK, you know how I stuff things into people's TO LET heads. Some people just don't get it and that's why genuinely concerned writers write what they must write. I guess you know that already, right? ;))

faryal said...

Hmmm nice info Tgh

TGH said...

Thanks for commenting, Faryal (Gauhar?)...

TGH said...

From Virginia or some place around it, Irfan Malik says:

"Good to hear from you, incidentally I was at the meeting with Dennis Blair in 2010 that you have referenced. The meeting was about issues faced by Pak Americans, and not Pak.

On Afia Siddiqui(the new Sister-i-Milat), Pakistanis should be happy that she is alive only because she is in USA, otherwise she would still be in a torture chamber in Afghanistan and no one would know about her. Pakistan Embassy in USA has spent millions of dollars as part of her legal defense without an iota of her cooperation. How come in Pakistan no one is investigating how she was captured(abducted) by Pakistan Intelligence forces.

USA is no saint, but it is no devil either. Pakistan’s future has been hijacked by Religious extremism and ISI, so far I have not seen a single protest against these elements.

Wake-up Pakistan, do what is good for Pakistan."

TGH said...

Thanks for your 'in-puth', Malik jee, we poor folks on 'Umreekan dole' can always bank on you, now that the Fed-BANK and the neo-cons have ruined Umreeka.
Your laughable comments truly show who you are: Umreekan! Mind you, I do appreciate trans-Atlantic comedy. We know more about Umreeka than Umreekans themselves know about Umreeka!
A man is known by the company he keeps. Raymond Davis, Husain Haqqani, Ijaz Mansoor, we can't have enough of you!
As for the secret torture chambers, Umreeka's cover has recently been blown by proud Poland. Others will follow suit, the tyranny of Washing-Town will soon come to an end.
I've said what I wanted to say in this WARNING to Pakistani parents. This non-sense of influencing young minds must come to an end.
Your adopted home is directly responsible for ruining the lives of millions and causing the deaths of millions all over the globe.
But hey, now worries! Sit back, relax, have popcorn, watch some more TV, attend all the meetings you can, push all the right buttons. In the end, we're all answerable for our own deeds.