Friday, 22 January 2010

Rock n' Rollin' Sufi Wanna-be

Mr siddiqui:

Your article (Salman Ahmad Pens "Rock & Roll Jihad") is not shocking at all. Allow me to shock you.

You cannot possibly know old 'Sal' better than I do. Goodwill ambassadors are chosen very carefully to serve a purpose and an agenda which we need not touch upon here.

I have seen a video of Sal mockingly proclaim from across a dinner table that 'everyone says Islam is a religion of peace. …its a very sexy religion'.

Then another video purporting to show his amazing talent at ‘composing’ Quranic verses! He used a pop song’s melody to 'compose' the Qur'anic dua (Rabbana aatinaa fiddunya hasana....azaabun naar).

You say ‘Salman (no relative of Rushdie)’ but he is related if you look carefully the next time you go fishing.

What is 'Sufi rock', what is this rock ‘n roll Jihad non-sense? The Way forward for a Muslim is not to ape the nude-protesting Yoko-loving John Lennon's way.

The poor wandering singers at Karachi's Boating Basin sound better than this pseudo-Sufi wanna-be who did not answer the last question I asked him ("Do you believe in the finality of Messenger Muhammad and do you admit MGAQ was a fake prophet?).

Do not glorify fools who think they can change the world with the six strings of a guitar.


TGH said...


#1 aukhabuttt January 21, 2010 13:48
juttian maro ess marasi poond no...kawo te main aapi chittar maran eno...kyon fer.....?

#2 a1 January 21, 2010 14:52
awesome tahir sahab:) ur too good.mA! i m so glad there is someone at chowk, who can dimagh seedha of these amrekan palat! if tht's the correct term...
i totally agree about salman and sufi and blah blah.
a few days back mr, riaz haq was all praise for salman, and i tried to swallow that. and now this ras siqqiui,,, thnk God i didn't even see his article, and read ur blog first. see tht's why i never liked chowk itself! i like the bloggers at chowk, on the left:)

#3 a1 January 21, 2010 14:59
trust salman ahmad to say such stuff about islam:( tobah astaghfirullah!
and true, about the poor wandering singers, better than him. cus few days back mr, riaz attended salman at silicon valley, and was in awe of his singing!! and i was like what??? i have seen him perform without ali. in houston. and he was pathetic.
even my ex- who is a die hard junooni, didnot approve of salman's singing on their own album's songs!!!
he cdn't even khainch his voice , as rquired in the songs....
poor poor salman. may Allah grant us all hidayat, Aameen.

#4 MBA January 21, 2010 17:15
I would say in Aukha's style if I have his permission.
Salman is an eediot.

#5 masadi January 21, 2010 19:53
If you read the intro to the book that I just did on amazon, one thing is for sure this person is playing to the stereotypical view of Pakistan held by the Westerners based on BS. Given the class situation of the person, any indication him being in "danger" or making tough choices is BS. So in other words instead of "changing the world" he is reinforcing the Western view and therefore becomes 'acceptable'. Has not the Quran already told you that the only way that those that now hate you will accept you is if you attest their biases?

#6 arshia January 21, 2010 22:03
Thair, thank you for mentioning the video.
Right, he sings bad and true, his remark was alarming and stupid.
But what's wrong with being a Goodwill ambassador ?
and what is wrong with Sufi rock? I guess it was the late 90's Junoon that introduced Bulley Shah into the pop/rock culture, and it's everywhere now.
Or maybe I'm missing something ?

TGH said...

continued from interacts on CHOWK...

#7 arshia January 21, 2010 22:03
correction: Tahir*

#8 tahir January 21, 2010 23:29
I had some idea of how much the good Pakistanis at Chowq (good Indusians too) will react to what I wrote but this!
Thanks all of you for letting your voices heard!

#9 tahir January 21, 2010 23:31
Save your flying sandals for an appropriate Junooni concert. Hold your horses—or whatever it is that you ride—and hang on to what is the truth.

#10 tahir January 21, 2010 23:38
Thanks for seeing what I see all around: asleep Muslims and hyper-active unbelievers attempting to water down God’s Word and change our perceptions of what is wrong and unjust.
Once you learn to hear the truth, all other demonic voices from within will be silenced and your vision will be crystal clear.
Prof. Riaz and others will find out when their time comes. We have all bet on the wrong horses at some point or another in our lives.
I may be on the left hand side of Chow but I walk the right hand path, always! Thanks for your support and understanding. By the way, I would not label myself a blogger, I prefer being known as a thinking writer.
Stay well.

#11 tahir January 21, 2010 23:40
Thanks for re-joining the popular chorus!
Aukha's has been so wronged, his terminology is not copyrighted at all; use his patent-pending words any way you like.

#12 tahir January 21, 2010 23:49
Mr Asadi:
You and I are on the same page here.
Folks like these are Pakistani absconders (with American passports too) on foreign payrolls.
The great peace-lovers of the world know exactly how to use these insecure types who wish to die with not God's sacred name on their lips but while rubbing shoulders with the debauched idols of the three woods: Holly, Bolly and Lolly.
All the West wants is whirling dervishes, not aware and awake Muslims because that would be so bad for all usurious business. Who, except the depraved, will doubt the promise of the Qur’an?
Thanks for being here and work towards waking up our dear old sleeping giant.

#13 tahir January 22, 2010 00:05
I will not get into a lengthy discussion about what these global organizations are after. It is obvious you are young and impressionable.
What does a ‘goodwill ambassador’ do? Do Muslims need such idiotic titles of they wish to spread goodness? No, they do things to cure mankind and look heavenwards for the reward. Only the vilest dog will shake its tail at the doorsteps of such global organizations.
Read all you can about what goes on behind the scenes by checking out websites that unveil things. Forget the BBC (British Bullshit Corporation) or the CNN (Kabbalah Nefarious Network) and the rest. Read and verify what is going on around you while the Internet lasts. Things are being removed at a rapid pace and websites are under threat too. Everything that you fear and secretly believe is true. It is indeed time for serious work.
Being a fan of the greatest singers of our sub-continent means I have zero tolerance for non-singers. What these clowns (with Ali Azmat Butt as the chief of bald clowns) have done to Iqbal and Bulleh Shah’s poetry is unforgiveable: bad singing, mediocre melodies (rather, maladies), and rock music oriented videos that insert depravity and ruin spirituality. They can neither play nor sing but this is all we have these days.
I am glad Muhammad Rafi sahib is not alive to hear all this. Listen to good things and you will find out what I am writing about.