Saturday, 23 January 2010

170 Million People Do Count

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, now what would Pakistan do without aid flowing in from a bankrupt and debt-ridden economy! Our 170 million people are all jobless and so afraid of Uncle Sam.

Gates said on Friday that ‘he sought to build bridges with the next generation of Pakistan’s military leaders and to end a trust deficit that hampered cooperation against militancy.’

Meaning: They will not construct bridges over our five rivers but rather recruit slaves from the Armed Forces to do their bidding. [Can our defence secretary address American military leaders like this? Ayub Khan Yahya Khan, Zia-ul-Haq, Musharraf, may you all be dealt with the same way you dealt with this country.]

Addressing military officials at the National Defence University, Gates said distrust between the allies had been compounded by an organized propaganda campaign orchestrated by their common enemy.

Meaning: The voices that spread truth and hamper Allied plans need to be silenced and untruth needs to be propagated with the full force of the mass media.

He called the US decision to abandon Pakistan after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan a grave strategic mistake, and said it resulted in today’s trust deficit and lack of understanding between the two armies.

Meaning: That abandonment was also part of the destructive plan. Understanding between the two armies is all that is needed; the peoples’ voices may be conveniently disregarded.

Gates urged the government to ‘stop making distinctions among militants as safe havens on either side of the Pak-Afghan border would lead to more lethal and more brazen militant attacks.’ He said that ‘maintaining a distinction between some violent extremists groups and others is counterproductive.’

Meaning: Continue to kill those who kill (of course, funded and trained by foreign sponsors), the peaceful ones too deserve to die. Time must not be wasted in working towards peace but rather towards supplying arms to both the sides and starting mini wars on all fronts so that Pakistan will suffer in the long run.

Gates announced that the US was neither ‘coveting a single inch of Pakistani soil nor was it seeking any military base in the country.’

Meaning: Americans own the airspace and many old and newly-built airbases within Pakistan.

The defence secretary also assured the military audience that his ‘country had no desire to control Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.’

Meaning: Americans (Israelis) do wish to dismantle the project and campaigns against individual scientists and institutions are part of the plan that will show the world how irresponsible Pakistani really are. The same plan is being used for Iran but Iran has the courage to spit on the face of American propaganda.

He said ‘the US was fully committed to a stable, long-term and enduring friendship with Pakistan. However, Gates expressed concerns over the prevailing ‘scepticism’ about the intentions of the US in Pakistan.

Meaning: Scepticism is the truth; it is the voice of the people the world over. If Pakistan has come to this stage with all that wonderful American help, why look lovingly at another friendly country?

Earlier, he told reporters that Pakistan’s leadership would decide for itself whether the country needed to expand its anti-Taliban campaign along the Afghan border.

Meaning: There is no need to trouble Pakistani brains when American think-tanks can do the remote-controlled job just a s easily.

“Pakistan is a sovereign country and it is up to it to decide when and where to launch an operation. We (the US and Pakistan) are in the same car but Pakistan is in the driving seat, with its foot on the accelerator,” Gates said.

Meaning: America will act according to its own intelligence and ‘bomb everyone back to stone-age’.

He said ‘the core of Al Qaeda” would not abandon the tribal belt as the areas had special importance for them.’

Meaning: Al-CIAda will never leave until God wills its Vietnam like defeat.

About the US private security agency, Blackwater, the US defence secretary said ‘the Defence Department does not have Blackwater in Pakistan and we do not use them in Pakistan.’

Meaning: But other agencies and departments within the US government can and do use Blackwater.

End of news bulletin, sleep well Green Cardigans.

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