Monday, 11 January 2010

U.S. Suspects and the CERN Physicist

The five US nationals arrested from Sargodha on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in the country, revealed that they intended to attack the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant and other important installations in the country.

Sargodha Cantonment Station House Officer Amir Sherazi said the terrorists disclosed their plans during interrogation. Meanwhile, the police have won more time from a court to interrogate the five Americans suspected of using the Internet to contact militants.

Sargodha District Police Officer Usman Anwar said the court had agreed to one more 10-day remand for the Americans so that an investigation of their suspected activities could continue.

“We got it by telling the court that we want to further interrogate them on offences including contacting a (banned) militant group, offering their services for terrorist acts, using computers for that purpose and inciting (terrorism) inside Pakistan,” he said speaking over the telephone.

He did not elaborate on whether the men wanted to encourage others to carry out violence inside Pakistan, or in Afghanistan, where officials said they intended to fight. The case will fan fears in Western countries about the sons of immigrants from Muslim countries who are attracted to militancy made easy by the Internet. The suspects are under investigation for links with the other banned militant groups.

So, what will be the result? All those who have kicked this country in the face to settle abroad to earn Dollars will now be hounded, watched and interrogated. No matter how good they attempt to look, they will become despised citizens in a country that loves teaching everyone lessons of equality and freedom.

Fate might have been kinder to the emigrants who will now shed tears of blood before finally returning to their beloved country as the forgotten generation.


Adlène Hicheur, a 32-year old scientist, who currently works on the “Big Bang” Large Hadron Collider experiment—not yet formally accused of anything—is under custody, along with his brother Zitouni, on suspicion of “associating with wrong-doers linked to a terrorist organisation”; he is suspected of plotting terrorist attacks on nuclear sites in France. Brilliant and internationally known as a physicist, he has worked on research projects in Britain and the US.

French investigators arrested the brothers after advanced, Internet “bugging” equipment allowed them to read emails exchanged between the brothers and the North African branch of Al-Qaeda.

Terrorism is not a local or regional phenomenon; the disease has spread globally. The movies Hollywood makes to entertain us are in fact programmes to programme us (prepare us) for what is to come years from now. Once the results of the evil policies are seen everywhere, the sheeple (sheep-like people) think that the Hollywood scriptwriters are nothing short of prophets and great seers. That is not the truth.

Hollywood is a tool to dehumanize humanity, glorify crime, make us immune to bloodshed, and keep us glued to the 60-inch home theatre screen. It is the world’s greatest racket, supplier of stars and starlets to politicians and influential person. It is the Sodom and Gomorrah of our age bent upon playing the role of an unstoppable devil.

All those mind-warping movies about Asian terrorists with computers in caves, Asian traders of nuclear weapons, all of it is a figment of the criminal Hollywood scriptwriters’ imagination. The bad art they produce has forced life to imitate it. Imagine, how would they hound us, had we made movies to spread such immorality and criminality; think how they would have dragged us to the courts for revealing detailed plans of abduction, arson, destruction and blackmail? Who Muslim state will sue Hollywood now?

The playing field is uneven; it is your moral and religious duty to understand what is happening to you through the ‘very entertaining’ but controlled mass media.

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