Sunday, 10 January 2010

Triple-decker ‘Agent Doctor’ Club Sandwich

The covert agency responsible for making the standard of our living hell worse got a sever jolt recently; God again got the last laugh. How?—read on.

When a suicide bomber who killed eight fair-skinned ones at a CIA base in Afghanistan, turned out to be an Al-CIAda triple agent who fooled Western intelligence services for months before turning on his handlers, militant websites (Chowq is not one of them) boasted about it openly.

The Jordanian intelligence services believed the bomber was their double agent whom they brought to eastern Afghanistan with the mission of finding Al-CIAda’s number two man, Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

So, what happened next?—you might ask, little children. Well children, that double-decker of an agent blew himself up at the Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province near the Pakistani border, killing seven (Al)CIA(da) agents, his Jordanian handler, a top intelligence officer and member of the royal family.

The Jordanian media provided no details of how Captain Ali Bin Zeid died. King Abdullah II, Queen Rania along with almost the entire royal family paid their last respects at the Captain’s funeral.

The slain officer’s family admitted that Bin Zeid had been in Afghanistan for twenty days and was due to return on December 30, the day he was killed. Officials continued to deny any Jordanian meddling in the international coalition there. The websites and Western intelligence agents identified the bomber as Humam Khalil Abu Mulal Al-Balawi alias Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani.

Balawi was arrested in late 2007, recruited as a double agent by the Jordanian intelligence services but in reality, continued to work for Al-CIAda.

Balawi operated a blog on which he posted calls for jihad and martyrdom that the Jordanian authorities regarded as cover for the role of double agent. The blog was available until last Monday but was inaccessible on Tuesday.

“He spent months travelling between Afghanistan and Pakistan and fed the Americans the information that the Mujahideen wanted them to receive,” a website boasted.

“Every time that the reports which he gave proved accurate, their confidence in Abu Dujana rose.”

Balawi was taken to the CIA base in Khost because he claimed to have urgent information about Zawahiri, the website said. He was not searched as he went in because a CIA agent boasted, “He is our man, so there is no need,” the website claimed.

The bomber then pretended to detail plans for a mooted operation on a piece of paper and asked the intelligence agents to gather round to look before blowing himself up, the website said.

Jordanian sources said Balawi, 36, was a doctor by profession and a father of two. He was born in the Amman satellite city of Zarqa, hometown of Al Qaeda-in-Iraq leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who became infamous for a series of videotaped beheadings of Western hostages before his death in a US airstrike in June 2006.

The penetration of the base in Khost, reportedly a major base for covert operations along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, was a setback for already under-fire US intelligence agencies.

So what is next? Will Muslim doctors in America be intensely interrogated and X-rayed? Will people panic if a senior executive asks his junior colleagues to gather around him for to party or watch a business presentation? Where does it end?

The root cause of what is happening is man’s greed for another man’s pie. The countries and natural resources the Allied forces are occupying in the name of G-WOE (global war of error) fall into the same category. The aggressors need to be afraid of God’s wrath if not that of the fighting monsters they greedily created in order to rid Afghanistan of greedy Russians.

Now I must return to my dining table, lest a covert hand whisks my triple-decker ‘agent doctor’ club sandwich away.

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