Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A New Sport Called 'BanChowqing'

BanChowqing does not mean 'being banned' at Chowq for any apparent reason; it is a dangerous new sport introduced at this yubb-site by the talented Chowq Stuffed. There is only one team in this game; it plays against itself—I am sure you grownups know what, those who play with themselves, are called.

This lonely team comprises of only three persons; remember that three is not a crowd in some activities. One person is the goalkeeper; the other is a hired hand who merely generates the required number of clicks each month, while the third person is a referee. It is all in the family, you see.

When the ball(s) hit the goalpost, the team members shout in unison: BanChowqed! In addition, when the ‘fixed’ match ends, one member presents the silver cup to the second one, while the third one claps happily. This kind of clapping is unique and is well suited to the dangerous new sport called BanChowqing: they just slap themselves over their own faces and imagine it is public applause.

Happy BanChowqing!

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