Monday, 7 December 2009

Matric-Fail Barry’s Sister

Matric-fail Barry’s Sister AKC:

Your comment on Mr Chauhan’s blog ( is truly appalling. Here is the evidence:

Posted by barristerakc on Sunday December 6, 2009 09:43 pm
LOL, smells like tahir or vanguard. It's better to ignore such fools, Salim Bhai.

You are as spineless as Tafa, the London telephone man. How dare you suggest it is I sending personal messages to Mr Chauhan? Do not mix me up with the MI-6 chief, your true puppet-master, whose face you never get to see.

Barry’s Sister AKC, you ought to know me better—but then not knowing me is good for your own health. Earlier, you sent me Eid greetings, addressing me as 'bhai'. I told you earlier that 'bhais' are gangsters; I am not one but your leader is. He will get you all killed in the name of the ‘lacchay-daar’ camp language and the 'poodina' gardens that you left (did you really?) back in India.

Behave yourself and settle your score with me without laughing aloud. Remember, I recently got the last laugh at my so-called fans and opponents.

Lovingly yours


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