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Malaysian MH370 – Too Many Cooks

On 8 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777-200ER disappeared into thin air. On board were 227 passengers and 12 crew members from 15 countries.

The following are the stories and wild speculations aimed at obfuscating the truth. The italicised text has been collected from various sources on the internet; the comments are my own.

Lost contact

The aircraft last made contact with air traffic control less than an hour after take-off. Its last known position at 1:30 a.m. was over the navigational waypoint IGARI (N6°55′15″ / E103°34′43″), heading eastward. Having passed into Vietnamese airspace just north of IGARI where contact was lost, it was expected to contact Ho Chi Minh City Air Traffic Control but failed to do so.

Commercial flights carry limited fuel which is enough to carry them to the destination, or to the alternate airfield in case of a diversion, in addition to 30 minutes of aerial holding over the alternate.  They cannot keep flying for hours without making contact with ground controllers.

Each operator is required to file an ATC flight plan that is followed meticulously by the pilots and monitored closely by the Air Traffic Controllers. If a pilot misses reporting a navigational position, the controller will call him several times. And if that effort fails, he will ask other aircrafts to establish contact. To overfly countries requires prior permission and one cannot keep flying over restricted or dangerous airspaces without serious repercussions such as being intercepted by fighter aircrafts or worse, being shot down.

Other aircraft’s call

The New Straits Times reported on 9 March that the captain of another aircraft had attempted to reach the pilots of MH370 "just after 1:30 a.m." to relay Vietnamese Air Traffic Control's request for MH370 to contact it. The captain said he was able to establish contact but just heard "mumbling" and static.

One will hear mumbling only if the microphone pushbutton is intentionally kept pressed, for example, in case of a hijack situation when the pilot would want other aircrafts to partially hear what is going on in the cockpit. In this scenario, other aircrafts will treat the frequency ‘jammed’ because they will be unable to transmit.

Static in communication may occur due to poorly maintained radio equipment, during thunderstorms, or when electronic interference is being experienced. Electromagnetic storms can also effect communications. An unlikely scenario is that the Malaysian crew used the noisy long-range High Frequency (HF) instead of the normally clean VHF radios to establish contact.

No distress signal

Malaysia Airlines issued a media statement at 07:24 confirming that contact had been lost at 02:40 and that search-and-rescue operations had begun. It later emerged that Subang Air Traffic Control had lost contact with the aircraft at 01:22 and notified Malaysia Airlines at 02:40. Neither the crew nor the aircraft's on-board communication systems relayed a distress signal, indications of bad weather, or technical problems before vanishing from radar screens.

This is most abnormal. During emergencies or during conditions of urgency and distress, the pilots will always alert the authorities through voice communication and by selecting special transponder codes—unless an aircraft is blown out of the sky in an instant.

Unauthorised persons cannot enter the flight deck because its steel-reinforced door is always kept locked by the crew from inside. Allowing someone access to the cockpit remains the captain’s privilege and responsibility who might verify the visitor’s identity through multiple video cameras, via the flight intercom or through a peephole.


Malaysian Airlines reported in its eleventh press release that all of its aircraft are fitted with an Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), a system that automatically transmits data about the status of the aircraft, and added "Nevertheless, there were no distress calls and no information was relayed." Malaysian officials declined to comment on whether they had any ACARS information.

Why would they not share this information? Relatives of the missing passengers have stood up to openly accuse Malaysian Airlines of “covering up details”.

Going westwards

On 11 March, it was reported that military radar indicated the aircraft had turned west and continued flying for 70 minutes before disappearing from Malaysian radar near Pulau Perak; and that it was tracked flying at a lower altitude across Malaysia to the Malacca Strait. Its location when disappearing from radar was approximately 500 km (311 nm) from its last position in contact with air traffic control. The next day they denied making the statements as reported in the media, requesting that the reporting be "amended and corrected to prevent further misinterpretations of what is clearly an inaccurate and incorrect report".

Who initially made the “inaccurate and incorrect report” and on whose orders?

Going down into Indian Ocean

A senior official at The Pentagon told ABC News: "We have an indication the plane went down in the Indian Ocean." On 13 March the White House Press Secretary said "an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean" based on "some new information".

Surely the White House and the Pentagon know everything that happens in this world through their spy satellites. Can they show to the world images as proof of their “Indian Ocean” pudding?

Millions have already asked: “What were American agencies doing on the morning when 9/11 happened? How many officials were punished and how many agencies disbanded to atone for the sins committed on that fateful morning?” The American public claims it already knows the truth, is reluctant to surrender the guns to the government and is visibly upset about freedoms being taken away on various security-related pretexts.

Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan links

Malaysian Prime Minister said at 08:11 Malaysian time on 15 March that the signals might have originated from as far north as Kazakhstan. Razak said that the last signal was in fact in one of two possible corridors: a northern corridor stretching approximately from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to southern Thailand, or a southern corridor stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.

Why did the Prime Minister point in Russia’s direction? What signals was he speaking of? VHF voice communications are typically line-of-sight and cover approximately a 200 nautical mile radius over flat terrain.

Oil slicks

The search efforts generated more false leads. An admiral of the Vietnamese Navy reported that radar contact with the aircraft was last made over the Gulf of Thailand. Oil slicks were located off the coast of Vietnam on 8 and 9 March and were thought to have possibly arisen from the aircraft. Test results reported on 10 March indicated that the oil slicks did not contain aviation fuel.

Aircraft door

There were reports that a door or other fragment of the aircraft was found about 80 km (50 miles) south of Thổ Chu Island on 9 March. The following day, the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia reported these claims were untrue; the floating material was not from an aircraft.

Burning aircraft

The same day, a worker at the Songa Mercur oil drilling platform claimed he had seen an aircraft "burning at high altitude ... in one piece", about 50 to 70 kilometres (31 to 43 mi) away at around the time MH370 disappeared.

What happened to this man’s claim? Has he been whisked away by the authorities because he opened his mouth?

Satellite imagery

China released satellite images captured three days earlier that showed three floating objects measuring up to 24 by 22 metres (79’× 72’) at 6.7°N 105.63°E. However, no floating objects were found at the suspected crash area.

DigitalGlobe, a satellite imaging company, released all images of the search area over the flight path from its satellites and asked the public to look for and tag any images they believed might assist in the search.

Why do they what ordinary people to tag pictures unless they wished to find out how much the public really knows? Indeed, the public has a collective brain that is far better than any government’s dizzy head. Spy satellites reading automobile number plates and collecting personal data of ordinary citizens have become realities but what good have the expensive ‘eyes in the sky’ ever done in cases as tragic as the Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370? With the spy satellites capable of yielding images with greater than 1-metre resolution, anything can be now clearly seen from space. Is the evidence of wrong-doing being removed from the crime scene by some agency? Was the airplane carrying dangerous cargo that was prevented from ending up in Chinese hands?

Military radars

Malaysia initially declined to release raw data from their military radar as it considered them too sensitive, but later acceded. Defence experts say that giving others access to radar information may be sensitive on a military level. As an example: "The rate at which they can take the picture can also reveal how good the radar system is". Someone suggested that “some countries may already have the radar data of the plane but are reluctant to share any information that could potentially reveal their defence capabilities and compromise their own security.”

The military operates primary radars while the civil aviation authorities use secondary radars. Only they can tell us what levels of data they preserve and for how long. If all the cooperating governments wanted a truthful solution they would share information amongst themselves instead of peddling half-baked theories and changing statements to confuse the public.

Submarines in the area

Submarines patrolling the South China Sea will surely have information if the airplane crashed into the sea but then sharing such information could reveal the submarines' locations and electronic listening capabilities. The Vietnamese, as a gesture of goodwill and cooperation, did allow Chinese aircrafts to overfly its airspace.

The public needs to ask: of what use are the trillions of Dollars’ worth of military high-tech toys spread all over the world? Why do submarines, fighter aircrafts and tanks always appear extremely busy with ‘war exercises’ but achieve very little in peaceful directions?

The 'American boys' are everywhere except in their own country

Hijacked: to where, by whom, for what?

On March 8, Prime Minister Najib Razak told a nationally televised press conference that “communications aboard a missing jet were switched off and its course deliberately c
hanged by someone on board before the aircraft disappeared a week ago.”

He stopped short of saying it had been hijacked. Final satellite communication with the Boeing 777 flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing came more than six-and-a-half hours after it vanished from civilian radar at 1:30 am.

The movement of the plane in the interim period, during which it changed direction and passed back over the Malaysian peninsula towards the Indian Ocean, was consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. The combined data suggested with a high degree of certainty that the plane's two automated communications systems — Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and its transponder — were switched off one after the other before it reached the point over the South China Sea where it dropped out of civilian radar contact.”

The Malaysian authorities also first admitted that disconnecting the ACARS required “a great deal of expertise”.

Perhaps they would like to shed some light on the level of such expertise. Does it mean disabling something in the cockpit or descending into the electronics bay of the aircraft? Nobody can just get up to interfere with sensitive equipment unless it is a specially trained saboteur on a suicide mission.

Psychological problems

Malaysia’s inspector general of police said they were investigating a range of theories including hijacking and sabotage, but also any possible psychological problems of those on board.

There is no human being on Earth who has no emotional or ‘psychological’ problem; tragedies can visibly upset human beings. Do the authorities have the right to deny you air travel because you are not dressed right or the facial recognition software does not like your physical features? Do they all want us to become unfeeling expressionless robots while moving about in society? Will men in white coats soon be conducting last-minute medical tests on passengers or have psychologists looking inside suspected heads?

International Police

Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble was quoted as saying at a press conference: “I have announced that Qatar Airways and Air Arabia are two airlines that have committed themselves to making sure that all passengers boarding their planes will have their passport data screened against Interpol's database.”

Air Arabia and Qatar Airways will be using a specially designed programme called I-Checkit, to query the database, but not access it fully. The airlines were chosen was because they had approached Interpol and expressed an interest. Interpol plans to expand the programme to other airlines and private sector companies after the test phase.

Interpol revealed that more than one billion travellers boarded planes last year without their passports being checked against the database, as only a few countries, such as the United States, Britain and the UAE, actually used it.

Read my lips: the French want your money too. They intend to make the skies ‘safer’ by charging the airlines money for background checks of passengers’ passports; the airlines will in turn charge their customers. Selling information is big business now.

Communications disabled
It is very likely flight MH370 had its communications “deliberately disabled” before it went missing, but there has been no confirmation the plane was hijacked, Malaysian PM Najib Razak said at a press conference. “There is a high degree of certainty” that the communications systems of flight MH370 were disabled by someone on board the plane, Razak said. Citing evidence from satellite images and radar tracking, Razak said the actions taken before the plane’s disappearance were "consistent with the deliberate action of someone on the plane."

The aircraft’s communications system is not a television that can be turned off by a civilian using a remote control; it can however be jammed by the military.

Biased western media’s attack on Pakistan

With nothing else left in their arsenal except accusations, reports came in that claimed that the missing Malaysian flight MH370 might be “hidden somewhere in the country [Pakistani]."

Malaysia is reportedly investigating a theory that flight MH370 could have slipped under Pakistani radars and landed a Taliban base close to the Afghan border. The pilots’ possible role in the plane’s disappearance is also being examined.

A Boeing 777 is a huge airplane. Be afraid because Obama could send his Seals to look for the missing plane at Abbotabad, for that is where they ‘found’ their asset Osama bin Laden, courtesy of another asset who pretended to vaccinate children against polio.

Thus far, 6 Navies, the combined technological expertise of 26 countries and 95 sea vessels in the Indian Ocean have not been able to recover the lost airplane. Blaming the Taliban or the al-CIAda for all of their security-related woes is truly amazing?

Hijacking by Iranians

There were two Iranians aboard the MH370 who ‘hijacked’ it using ‘stolen passports’.

Just ask yourself: who benefits from this insinuation? Why, John Kerry, Barrack ‘drone’ Obama and Israel; they all want Iran turned into another Iraq or Libya! The Iranians will never stop chanting “death to America, death to Israel” because they firmly believe Allah will scatter their enemies like dust.

Malaysia and Muslim crew made to look suicidal

An Australian television station broadcasted an interview with “a South African woman who alleged she and a friend were invited into the cockpit of a flight that Fariq co-piloted in 2011 – a breach of post-9/11 security rules.”

The military investigators stressed upon how the airplane was “commandeered by a skilled, competent, and current pilot who knew how to avoid radar”.

First of all, aircraft engineers (maintenance staff) are taught things that commercial pilots are neither taught nor required to do while flying. Pilots, unless they are military pilots, are neither taught radar evasion manoeuvres nor allowed to switch off key navigation or communications components of commercial airliners.

The Malaysian Prime Minister casting doubts on the captain of the airplane is truly phenomenal. What are the Malaysian authorities implying? Why would they hurl such accusations without first listening to the cockpit voice recordings or without having the investigation results placed before them?

The police also looked at the family life and psychological state of the plane's pilot, Zaharie Shah, and co-pilot. They searched their homes, spoke to relatives of the pilots and examined the pilot's flight simulator at home. Those who knew Capt. Zaharie claim he is a “normal family man” of fifty-three, and with 18,000 hours of flying experience, he is a self-confessed "aviation geek" who posted pictures online of the flight simulator he built at home.

Why are the grieving families of the crew members made to feel guilty at this point in time? The mass media which is controlled by a handful of corporations is again diverting the public’s attention by focussing on Muslim pilots from a country with a predominantly Muslim population. By planting false stories, they are harassing the families of the crew members through invasion of privacy. Any shred of ‘evidence’ that the police might pick from the homes of crew members can and will be used to support official findings—if at all they ever come.

For a pilot to build model airplanes or use flight simulation software at home is not abnormal; even non-pilots have such hobbies. Do the police ever visit the homes of political or military leaders after they have caused the deaths and destruction of their own or others’ countries? I think they ought to in the future.

Everyone's a potential criminal

Malaysian investigators are probing the background of Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat, an aviation engineer who was among the passengers on board the passenger jet that went missing more than a week ago. “We are looking into Mohd Khairul as well as the other passengers and crew. The focus is on anyone else who might have had aviation skills on that plane,” a senior police official said Monday on the condition of anonymity.

So now, anybody, even aircraft engineers who sometimes aboard to provide technical coverage, are suspects; so are aviation buffs whether adults or children found playing with toy airplanes. The aviation industry and the travelling public are the targets now.  

So, what is coming?

In the meanwhile, India has temporarily suspended the search for the missing Malaysian airplane.

Important data and evidence are being ‘recovered’, history is being manufactured and perhaps one more draconian law is being drafted to end one more liberty cherished by mankind.

In the part two of this article, we will look at historical records of a few crashes. Prepare yourself to be truly amazed by what goes on behind the scenes, how lies are spun for public consumption, and how the mass media ‘cooperates’ with the vested interests.

©Tahir Gul Hasan 2014

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TGH said...

Anonymous. March 17, 2014 at 8:45 AM
Interesting and well compiled article.
There is no dought in my mind that they are trying to cover up something, because now adays with all the high tech radars , satelites and hi tech equipment onboard on modern air craft it is just impossible that an aircraft can vanish without a trace.

TGH said...

Anonymous. March 17, 2014 at 10:23 PM

Tahir Sahab, it is beyond belief that a plane could vanish in thin air,” very disturbing in this age and time.

Thank you for sharing all the microscopic details of an aircraft, for a commoner like me to be aware of the scenario better. Appreciate your compilation of facts and figures given in your article.

I still fail to understand why the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been missing since Saturday, Saturday 8th March 2014???

Every new piece of information seems to veil the flight's disappearance in more mystery of how the jet vanished ten days ago!!!
There are assumptions that the pilots, or one of them, deliberately rerouted the plane for other reasons, or the plane was hijacked? Still no one knows what exactly happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 jet, which was vanished from radar screens shortly after it took off in Kuala Lumpur, to destination Beijing.
On Sunday, Pakistan became one of 25 countries participating in the search for the missing plane. The Pakistani government says it has no record of the aircraft entering its airspace, but has told the Malaysian investigators it is ready to share all available information. I am glad that Pakistan has offered help and assistance to Malaysian investigators, though Pakistan has its own several unresolved domestic problems to solve.

Well, I'm just guessing, knowing no more than anyone, but maybe the US knows more but is not talking about it. Sort of like the NSA before Snowden. Amazing how fascist like Americans can be in their unquestioned conformity to authority.

Looking forward to read the part two of your article.
Take care,

TGH said...

Anonymous. March 18, 2014 at 2:07 PM

Only a commercial pilot ( not combat ) can put together this kind of information.

TGH said...

MajumdarMarch 19, 2014 at 1:08 AM

Tahir mian,
Quite mysterious. Wudnt be surprised if some agency uses this plane for a false flag operation. We have seen it before haven't we?

TGH said...

Laila, thanks for you long input, Stay tuned; you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Anonymous, thanks for being here and wondering. We all need to wonder very seriously. The answers are almost within everyone's reach.

Maj dear, sure, we've seen it all before. The question is how many more horror movies will they screen until people wake up to whip their rear sides?
Also please recall the dialogues at the end of JISM-2, the Indian movie.

TGH said...

Majumdar. March 21, 2014 at 6:07 AM

Tahir mian, Whip their rear sides....That is their real genius. You dont know whose rear to whip....

TGH said...

Apa Ada Pada Dunya.March 29, 2014 at 7:02 AM

My Theory...
Everything was good that nite. Until suddenly they realize there was a malfunction warning and what the captain did was he tries to move to the nearest airport. is why he turn left not turn right. But the turning as well is difficult because system malfunction.

He could be trying to land at terengganu or Kelantan airport but didnt managed to do that because of abnormal hardware malfunction. Then what he did was he tried his level best to steer the flight at whatever cost.

He tried to lower the flight but it was unsuccessful either because the flight now is out of control. So he steer the flight until the flight finnaly cannot fly.


TGH said...

TGH. March 29, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Thanks for sharing your theory but that still doesn't explain why they ended up so far away in the South Indian Ocean and were never heard from. The B777 cannot have all the systems and both the engines malfunctioning at the same time. The pilots also never gave the MAYDAY emergency call.