Friday, 16 March 2012

Speechless Freedom Of Speech

I like the industrious Japanese because I grew up owning most things ‘Made in Japan’, and now in this ‘Land of the Pure’ we are beginning to copy the copycats by proudly inscribing on local products ‘Made AS Japan’. This is great progress.

If you recall reading Kiss Of The Unveiled Spider-Woman which was about the Japanese invention of a Kiss Machine, you will discover in this piece how the blind Pied Piper of science is leading all the racing rats into a bottomless pit.

A still tongue makes a wise head

Out of pure love for freedom of speech, two Japanese men have developed a strange portable gun (‘SpeechJammer’) that can painlessly silence people more than thirty meters away.

‘Fear the tongue more than you would the sword’, so they say. Considering that the plethora of television channels, endless chatter of mobile phones, and Draconian revisions to the constitution are weapons known to weaken human resolve, the inhuman elites now have one more gun in their common arsenal with which to shoot down a citizen’s ability to launch verbal attacks.

At the heart of this show-stopping invention is the Japanese wish to have people ‘obey rules for proper turn-taking when speaking’. Although what they call ‘proper’ is debatable, perhaps they want Japanese citizens to become wise by suddenly having shorter tongues, if not long ears and big eyes.

Culture ‘Made in Japan’

Let us now examine a few Japanese traditions. Not so long ago, Japanese society encouraged people to hide their true feelings by not smiling. One may wonder how they lived both in public and in private. The serious attitude has only begun to change recently.

Aristocratic women would shave off their real eyebrows and paint new ones very high on their forehead. Hence, when they raised their natural eyebrows, the painted ones remained in place and nobody was able to tell if one was surprised. Japan made tremendous progress once the citizens learnt to raise eyebrows and discarded the cover of makeup.

Heian-era beauty's preparations consisted of piling on the silk robes in a style called ‘twelve layers’. Some upper class women wore as many as forty layers of unlined silk. How the men reacted to this body armour in bedrooms made from rice paper is anybody’s guess. Since Japanese monks devised scores of meticulous steps for preparing and serving traditional tea (Chanoyu), forty layers of dress meant no trouble at all for the less religious.

Showing one’s white teeth was thought to be like showing the white of the bones. Heian women also painted their teeth black because they appeared more attractive than yellow ones and matched the very long black hair women grew. Black teeth magnified the brightness of their powder-white complexions. Thought to preserve the teeth, the Meiji era brought the practise of blackening to an end to appease foreign visitors and to gain acceptance as a Westernized and ‘equal’ nation.

Hence, in a feudal culture ruled by the Ninja (men in black), Samurai warriors (covert assassins), feudal lords and shoguns (military dictators), and where plants were trimmed to eventually become midget Bonsais, the above-mentioned idiosyncrasies were considered virtues and assets.

Teacher, leave my speech alone!

The inventors of SpeechJammers noted that ‘some people tend to lengthen their turns or deliberately interrupt others when it is their turn in order to establish their presence rather than achieve more fruitful discussions, and also tend to jeer at speakers to invalidate their speech’. The Japanese traditionally treat small painted lips as beautiful, and if big loudmouths are bad, only SpeechJammers can make lips smaller and silent.

By the above definitions of polite conversations and agreeable debates, we need thousands of SpeechJammer guns in a world in which TV talk show hosts are unable to silence guests who begin to deliver speeches instead of concise answers to simple questions. Then there are the hosts who hijack discussions. Citizens need SpeechJammers to silence war-mongering politicians, the covert agencies need them to keep dissidents and their own men more silent, and the courts need them to keep top dogs in civilian clothes and the top cats in camouflaged battle fatigues quiet. The list goes on and on.

How does SpeechJammer work?

The SpeechJammer targets one’s speech through a direction-sensitive microphone and then fires the words back at with a 0.2-second delay. This in turn affects the brain's cognitive processes and causes a speaker to stutter before silencing completely.

SpeechJammers give back one a taste of his or her own medicine. The inventors claim that the ‘effect can disturb people without any physical discomfort, and disappears immediately by stopping speaking’. Nevertheless, this is what they claim; the effects will become known much later or never at all.

The inventors also found that the device works better on people who were reading aloud than engaged in spontaneous speech and it cannot stop people making meaningless sounds, such as 'ahhh,' that are uttered over a long time.

Good news for authoritarian governments

Japanese culture places utmost importance on ‘being on time’ and expects people to jump off tall buildings if they lose face, and this is why a 0.2-second delay is used. By sharp contrast, in our land where VIPs arrive hours late and where traffic comes to a grinding halt because of the toing and froing of such giants in black limousines, 0.2-seconds means nothing. Here, we do not need to reconsider what we have just said—hallmark of true freedom of speech. In fact, we do not need any limits on our national behaviour. The only time our esteemed official consider staying silent or begin to stammer is when the Americans and the IMF speak—or rather dictate policy.

The only way to beat the SpeechJammer is to remain vigilant. If one finds ‘something fishy’ pointing at one while asking loud probing questions or presenting shrill undeniable counter-arguments, switch to normal speech and start uttering long ‘ahhh’ sounds. The machine will fail and disappoint its abusers.

Who needs this?

With the GPS (global positioning satellite), the covert agencies can see what places you visit; with the credit cards they can see what you buy and from where; with the internet (browsers, Facebook) they can track what sites you browse and who your friends are; and now with the SpeechJammer they will be able to have a planet full of silent obedient robots.

The huge mass of humanity does not need demonic technology but rather the governments who wish to snoop on citizens in order to monitor what they are doing or thinking. This is indeed a New World Disorder because what the conspiring elites plan and then implement to keep the masses forever ignorant is what begs for research and counterbalance. In a truly New World, citizens should be able to hear and see everything their leaders are up to in secret and it is for the achievement of this ideal that the current waves of protestations and resistance are rising.
With anti-constitution laws firmly in place in America and elsewhere, the Japanese stand to gain from exporting SpeechJammers all over the globe. American security agencies will readily flock to purchase special ‘federal’ models of this gun that will enable them to silence the entire disagreeable anti-war world. For instance, New Jersey’s governor (Chris Christie) could use the invention on the likes of a former US Navy SEAL veteran whom he recently called an ‘idiot’ for disagreeing with the state’s proposed plans to reconfigure public universities.

Why is the world suddenly full of dissidents, agitators and rebels with genuine causes? The answer lies in excessive governmental control designed to take away whatever few liberties now exist in the minds of citizens.

The reverse side of the reverse side

Psychiatrists who were once considered as the ‘lowest rung’ of the medical profession, have labelled human anger, happiness and a host of other emotions as ‘diseases’ that ‘require treatment’ with psychotropic drugs. From very young children to senior citizens, all are customers of the troika of doctors, test laboratories and pharmaceutical companies; declaring electronic warfare on the rest of the population fills the leftover cracks.

We do not require suppression through electronics means or through psychotropic drugs. Inventing a machine that will convert one’s discourteous speech into courteous utterances is bad science—courtesy of men in white coats whose scientific inventions are sufficient for centuries to come.

SpeechJammer might become the proverbial Japanese ‘summer heater, winter fan’, that is, something useless. Who would fancy such technology when simply pointing one’s middle finger skywards or uttering only ‘shut up’ will silence almost anybody even beyond a distance of thirty metres?

In a world obsessed with weaponry and wars, there are two weapons at the common person’s disposal: the middle finger and the tongue, both are only three inches long yet able to cause grievous harm to a man six feet tall.

©Tahir Gul Hasan, 2012


Arooma Gul said...

So the weapons at the common person's disposal are the most fatal of all and should be used with extreme caution.

TGH said...

I think that was already concluded by me! Why repeat it?
What is your own opinion?

Arooma Gul said...

"The wise understand that repetition has a cause: to teach the lesson that still needs teaching"
--Paulo Coelho
I strongly agree with your conclusion :)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

:) enjoyed the article. The most thought provoking for me was

"Why is the world suddenly full of dissidents, agitators and rebels with genuine causes? The answer lies in excessive governmental control designed to take away whatever few liberties now exist in the minds of citizens."

I agree with the last para too.. :)

TGH said...

Thanks for the N-joyment you had reading this. I had more writing it!
Don't over-use the two weapons I mentioned.
Exactly around the time I created this blog, CHOWQ's clicks dropped from 100,000/month to a sad 10,000! Even today it is less than half of what it once was readership-wise.
The conspiring first couple and others may wish to know this.
Truth always wins in the end.

M Umair said...

a well known phenomena in telecom transmission

Muslim Baby Names said...

:) enjoyed the article. The most thought provoking for me was

"Why is the world suddenly full of dissidents, agitators and rebels with genuine causes? The answer lies in excessive governmental control designed to take away whatever few liberties now exist in the minds of citizens."

I agree with the last para too.. :)

TGH said...

Baby Names, thanks for dropping by and letting me know what you think. It's all about perceptions now! :)

Ayesha Zee Khan said...

Good article tgh, leaves much to think about and question on what is happening around us. More power to your pen.

Anonymous said...

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TGH said...

Anonymous. August 29, 2014 at 7:13 AM

hilarious and disturbing. i will bookmark and stalk every post you have made within days (cannot ration cravings)