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Malala Yousuf Zai: Genius Or Mouth-Piece (part-I)

After having re-invented the wheel and sliced white bread, the entire mainstream media is forcefully letting out a weak stream of the official discharge into the urinal of our national consciousness. There are no alternative views, no probing questions, only emotional appeals and instant water for our eyes. And everyone I know is tired of the advertised-to-death Malala case and questions the veracity of the entire story.

Remember the doctored pictures of Osama Bin Laden assassination? After all, Dr. Afridi was involved in peddling disease-laden Polio vaccines in Abbotabad. An American stealth chopper shown crashed in the imagined safe-house in Abbotabad, a building showing no signs of an armed struggle, and a side shot of a local Osama look-alike watching TV just as any ‘most wanted terrorist’ would at home; this was the best half-Muslim Obama’s entire state machinery could do for heroic ex-CIA Osama who was disposed of without any Muslim funeral rites in a sea whose name is yet to be invented.

Much like the killers of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy created the single magic-bullet theory, we saw how hastily officials attributed Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s death to the magic lever of her jeep. The cover-ups are always elaborate and devious. Now we have the same cast of characters—invading Americans, invaded defenders and degraded politicians—presenting one more soap opera on the national stage. This nation is tired of the drones manufactured by the ‘best friend’ of our ‘friend’ which antagonise the population of carefully selected mineral-rich strategically-important areas. Oil and minerals, what else has it been throughout history?

Anyone for BBC-created diaries?

Supress your emotions while you read the nuggets selected from the BBC Urdu Online diary of Malala Yousuf Zai disguised as Gul Makai. The pages from this diary reflect many emotions and also provide insights into events that only expert-level commentators are fit to comment upon.

Children these days hardly get time off studies and tuitions, none I know spend precious time penning thoughts in a real dairy because now the youth have Mark Zuckerberg’s invention, Facebook, which was much appreciated by the CIA. They voluntarily report everything to this thing every day and spend whatever free time is left ogling at the spying cell phones.

Did Malala really write what they claim she wrote or was it as fictitious as the Anne Frank diaries written by her father, Otto frank, after WW-II to sell to the world sympathy for Hitler’s holocaust victims who happened to be only Jews? Can we actually see the original Malala diaries written in Urdu or they too will be reverse-engineered, frequently changed and printed posthumously for all to weep over? In any case, her English translations are just too British, occasionally they sound as if another less talented translator was at work. One must admit, for a Pashtu-speaking child, her spoken Urdu is quite good.

What is truly surprising is how Malala discusses persons and politics, and analyses events which is a rare quality in most grownups, leave alone amongst girls of her age. Very young girls just do not talk this way unless they have been coached from a very young age using special training aids.

Two writes can make one wrong

Here are some revelations from her diary spread over six BBC web pages:

“I have come to Bunair to spend Muharram (a Muslim holiday) on vacation.”

The Yousaf Zai tribe is predominantly composed of Sunni Muslims. And Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar, not a single holiday. The 9th and the 10th of Muharram are two gazetted national holidays. Malala is unclear, while the parenthesis placed by the translator lack proper research. We hope they both do better than this next time.

“[The Taliban] blow up those schools which are used by the security forces as security posts”.

How does she know about ‘those schools’? Did someone show her a compiled list? Did she go on a guided tour of Swat?

“I have seen wherever the army is there is usually a Taleban member nearby, but where there is a Taleban member the army will always not go.”

Can a child this young recognise nearby Talibans? Did she alert the army personnel whenever she saw the Taliban loitering around?

Her friend claims, “It may be that the Taleban destroyed the schools in anger [at the killing of Maulana Shah Dauran’s uncle]. No one has made the Taleban suffer but when they are hurt they take it out on our schools.”

“The army is also responsible for the disruption in our education. They are sitting in their bunkers on top of the hills. They slaughter goats and eat with pleasure.”

Again, this is amazingly speculative commentary on important events.The army she blames wholeheartedly. How could she see what happened atop the hills unless she went sight-seeing with a connected uncle?

“One day toffees were thrown from the helicopters and this continued for some time. Now whenever we hear the choppers flying we run out and wait for the toffees but it does not happen anymore.”

Recall that the Americans dropped bombs disguised as toys in Afghanistan and which when picked up by the children, maimed or killed them. How is Malala able to accuse the army of spending our tax money on confectionaries? Is she talking about Pakistan’s army or the American one?

“It seems that it is only when dozens of schools have been destroyed and hundreds others closed down that the army thinks about protecting them. Had they conducted their operations here properly, this situation would not have arisen.”

How can she assess how properly or improperly the army did its job unless she was in the company of critical tongues?

“Muslim Khan (a Swat Taleban spokesman) has said that those schools housing the army would be attacked. We will be more afraid of having the army in our schools than ever.”

She clearly wants the army out of Swat which the Americans would never want since they want our army to do their dirty laundry in Pakistan’s backyard.

“I switched the channel and a woman was saying ‘we will avenge the murder of Benazir Bhutto’. I asked my father who would avenge the deaths of hundreds of people of Swat.”

What a wonderful question that must make the hearts of Benazir’s murderers and the killers of Pakistani citizens pound faster!

“My father prepared breakfast today because my mum is not feeling well. Here women have to wear a veil - called a shuttle veil - whenever they leave their homes. My mother also wore one but I refused to wear one on the grounds that I found it difficult to walk with it on.”

Clearly, Malala seems like an obstinate child who disregards danger. In The New York Times documentary she is shown walking to the school with a blue rucksack and shown entering with a black one? What wonderful editing done in New Amsterdam (later renamed New York) by the creators of 9/11 who proved their city exceled at poor editing!

Malala refers to her mother as ‘mum’ which is being totally British. The translator does not use the Urdu words ammi or amma that Pakistanis use when addressing their mothers. She later switches to ‘mom’ which shows that more than one confused person translated or created the bogus text.

“One of my brothers told my father he wanted to make an atomic bomb.”

Now this is the mother of all giveaways, and exactly what the nuclear-capable six-pointed Star of David wants: disarmament of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal by creating global panic. Thanks God, Albert Einstein and Julius Robert Oppenheimer were not Muslim nuclear scientists, and down with Satan whose legions of demons rule over Hollywood unveiling future plans for the world and propaganda disguised as entertainment. The American raiders of the lost spark have always insisted that Pakistani weapons of crass destruction ‘could fall into the hands of al-Qaeda’—as if our bombs were hand-grenades ready for immediate use launch from camel-backs.

“People believe more in what the militants say rather than the government.”

She has lost her innocence and playfulness by growing up very soon. The military, the government and her agencies need to find out what she means by this observation. If the public rejects official truths, something must be seriously wrong with the public. Sheikh Rasheed’s days as political soothsayer are over. Roll over Beethoven and tell Tschaikowsky the news; Malala can outdo anybody in news analysis and political commentary.

“I went to lie down with my father but then went to my mother, but could not sleep.”

Muslim boys and girls beyond ten years of age do not lie down with their fathers, as prescribed by a Hadith (saying) attributed to the Messenger of Allah):

Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Asr, narrated that the prophet of Allah said, "…and arrange their beds (to sleep) separately." (Abu Dawud)

“Maulana Fazlullah (a pro-Taleban cleric) came on his radio and kept crying for a long time. He was demanding an end to the military operation.”

What one-sided battle was the army fighting in Swat? Had the army wanted to end an operation which displaced three million people, they could have jammed the mullah’s mobile FM station. Who provided the mullah with this undetectable loudspeaker?

“Most suicide attacks take place either on Friday mornings or on Friday evenings. They [Taliban] also say that the reason behind this is because the suicide attacker thinks that Friday has a special importance in Islam and carrying out such attacks on this day will please God more.” 

This is pure non-sense. It is not what the suicide bomber thinks, it is what his handler thinks and brainwashes him with. It is the afternoon prayer that attracts the most Muslims to mosques on Fridays; the rest of the four prayers attract less people.

“The Taleban have lifted restrictions on girls' primary education - therefore they are also attending schools. In our school there is co-education until primary level.”

Throughout her diary, Malala notes the odd ever-changing tactics: imposition of a ban, then its lifting, then a ban, and again its lifting. The Taliban are portrayed as undecided about co-education and girl’s education.

“In my school, only a total of 70 pupils attended out of 700 students who are enrolled.”

Since her father owned the school she went to, she heard all things at the dinner table. It shows she paid attention to the business end of it while being under so much stress.

“People do not leave their homeland on their own free will, only poverty or a lover usually makes you leave so rapidly.”

What an amazing observation? And now that she is abroad under Her Majesty’s wing, she has proved that it was poverty and being in love with her foreign sponsor that made her leave Pakistan. Has she not been awarded profusely by both foreign and local organizations and adored freely by strangers?

With a shameless smile on his face, ousted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani remarked when a CNN interviewer alleged that ‘a third of Pakistanis wish to leave their country’, “And why don’t they leave then; who is stopping them?”

But on 19 June 2012, God’s Justice prevailed and ‘Useless Razor’ Gilani, through a landmark Supreme Court judgement was stripped of his post, disqualified and then ousted. He is gone but those he wished harm are still here, and this is precisely the point: the system discourages people who wish to make a positive change and shows them the yellow brick road of foreign shores.

Not one Pakistani, who has caused the brain drain and the flight of capital from Pakistan, has ever impressed with his lame excuses for settling abroad. Only self-delusion and a shameless denial of Allah’s gifts bestowed in abundance upon Pakistan can make one a turncoat. As the ‘poet of the East’, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, correctly assessed:

Not hopeless is Iqbal of his barren field

Only some moisture, and this soil is very fertile, O server.

Even apparently sensible middle-class families exceed the desire of the poor when it comes to settling abroad. And young Malala claiming that eloping with lovers is one of our national requirements needs to be totally disregarded by the Taliban but noted with concern seriousness by her father.

“The Taleban say that they use FM radio to propagate teachings of the Koran but commander Khalil after a brief teaching of the Koran subtly switches over to threaten opponents.”

When grownup Muslims are shy of reading a translated Qur’an and cannot differentiate between the shades of Ahadith (sayings attributed to the Messenger of Allah), how can young Malala appreciate the subtleties? How does she know what parts are from the Qur’an and when a switchover to deviant philosophy has taken place?

“Girls called out to the soldiers and they waved back. Soldiers seem to be tired of waving now.”

Is she out on the roof or in the streets with her friends, shouting and waving at helicopters? The soldiers always look stern; how can she tell if they are tired of their institution or the assigned duties? Not imagined ‘tired’ expressions but only bigger boots can evict smaller boots.

“My brother often prays "O God bring peace to Swat and if not then bring either the US or China here.’”

Now this is a mouthful coming from a very young boy! I know a million souls who wish to be taken over by America (just as their ancestors were purchased by the British East India Company’s Red Coats) but to have China in here is being a Communist—something the Taliban have already accused her of being. Why would Malala ask for an American takeover unless she craves for their toys, toffees, awards and that mind-numbing Green Card?

“Today we played a lot in class and enjoyed ourselves like we used to before.”

She appears to think that classrooms are for playing, not for studying.

“There was a time when I used to like wearing the burqa (full-body veil for women) but not anymore.”

Notice how she contradicts her earlier statement of refusing to wear it!

“They (the Taliban) say that they want to take revenge for Jamia Hafsa and the Red Mosque, but we are not the ones responsible for what happened there so why don't they take revenge on people who are responsible?”

Is she advocating that other citizens of Pakistan be killed when, in this fake global war on terror (against Islam and Muslims), everybody knows who the real enemy is?

In conclusion

As is apparent, words have been put into a youth’s mouth. Malala’s inner voice is already strong; she is at risk of being implanted in England with a stronger device in the head. Mind control is big business for those who attempt to play God while truly being minions of the devil. Our girl has already spilled her beans, her diary is surely written by an expert spin-doctor, translated mostly by an educated Urdu Service staff of BBC and frequently ruined by someone who scored all D’s in the GCSE exams.

With the Taliban’s non-lethal gift surgically removed from her head, the brain oedema cured, the ventilator off, our girl appears as if nothing ever happened on 9 October 2012.

There are wheels within wheels. Malala is surely a matryoshka doll with layer upon layer of painted wooden existence. We need to verify the diary’s originality by cross questioning the girl, analysing the handwriting of the source Urdu material through forensics and DNA-testing. If the Chief Justice is not too busy with taking suo moto notices, he may enquire into the case to make the findings public. Besides, what good is a Russian doll if her layers cannot be explored?

Do not forget to comment here on this very important issue, and do come back for a more revealing 
Malala Yousaf Zai: Attack Of The Babbling Tongues (part-II)

©Tahir Gul Hasan, 2012

References and acknowledgements
For photos copied from various sources, I thank the original photographers and news agencies.
This is 2012. Interior Minister, Rahman Malik, has blocked YouTube in Pakistan; he needs more skin-whitening cream to render him 'fair' to the tired public.

Here are the BBC’s Gul Makai blogs that first attracted awards and later bullets for Malala:

Watch Yousuf Raza Gilani make a complete fool of himself on CNN.
Dawn reports Yousuf Raza is sent packing
MNA Mussarat Ahmadzeb alleges attack on Malala was 'scripted'


nauma said...

Very interesting and informative blog!

"mind-numbing Green Card" lol!

TGH said...

Is this all you could say? What do YOU think, or do you just shop and then drop, Nauma?

Nauma said...

"She later switches to ‘mom’ which shows that more than one confused person translated or created the bogus text."

"More than one confused person" Another good one!

Nauma said...

What i think? well i already knew/have heard of the stuff u'v mentioned . That's why i just put the excerpts i like.

Btw ,what i learnt from the blog is , ur trying to inform people that, america/west/gora/jews are our enemies.... therefore the blog seems to be a written version of the movie "the arrivals"!

TGH said...

Look, I've been saying what I think since long and how I've pieced it together need not be compared. Others may have done it too but that only means a lot of people KNOW what's happening.
Research everyone and everything, and throw that darned i-Phone out of the window.
Thanks for interacting. :)

Anonymous said...

It is a tragedy. Tragedies start from Hassan and Hussain's time in the moslem world and in general much before Karbala also. I feel Malala, is an innocent child and to go through this much suffering due to any political gain or studious brilliance or the best among the lot in the school or for any other reason is not fair. Thanks to the country's leading milatary and civil doctors that she survived and not another thanks to the world doctors that she is improving in the UK. Thanks to the UAE government who will take care of the expenses for the treatment. And much greater thank you to ALLAH SUBHAN TALLAH for improving her health.

Anonymous said...

The Pakistan Army possibly pulled off this attack on Malala in order to build consensus among the public as it does the bidding of its masters, the U.S.elite. A shame that by opportunistically using human rights, the US power elite qualitatively degrade them and the "liberals" in Pakistan like that Najam Sethi bastard, buy all this shit hook line and sinker

TGH said...

Khwaja sahib, thanks for your comment but I don't think we're in CONCORD on this issue.
I'm Hasan; I know a few things about ancient and recent history. You would know how the conspirators of Kufa, through deception and treachery, lured the entire family to the slaughterhouse. Imagine the promises and level of deception at work!
The methods have remained unchanged in many ways and Ibless will live until we're all raised up on Judgement Day.
You need to re-read the article and wait for what's coming in part-II to fully appreciate how cute, innocent and full of rainbows this world really is.
Thanking the doctors? Recall that the doctor who attended to Liaqat Ali Khan, his son attended to Benazir Bhutto in the same city and in the same hospital under the same conditions; a coincidence in Rawalpindi?
The military must only do what it is paid (at the cost of education and development) to do anyway: to protect the geographical borders of Pakistan and no more.
As for the governments of 'brother' countries, they're rather preoccupied with the Zionist-Arab Spring these days.
Could you please quote the source for your comment: "UAE government who will take care of the expenses for the treatment"?

TGH said...

Anonymous interactor, what you say is a popular pudding whose ingredients can indeed be inspected for adulteration at the secret places which the Supreme Court has already named in the Asghar Khan case's judgement.
Asghar Khan's brilliant son was found hanged at home a few years ago, if you recall.
Deep is this rabbit hole, my friend.

Anonymous said...

when people make statements they need to provide the public with proof to support their claim. You are right giving an example of Osama Bin Ladin , when a lot of the information did not make sense. No body for proof etc. a child should not be used for political gain, maybe we have another conspiracy on our hands ! and the truth may come out, but then how long do we wait for that??

TGH said...

Anonymous, it's the media and the government that's issuing statement after statement and feeding us with lies and incomplete information about the girl.
I have not come across videos of the Malala shooting, and no real pictures of how it happened?
If they can accuse the Taliban of using children as suicide bombers, other parents also sometimes use their children to push the agendas of the NGOs for money and fame.

Aisha Sarwari and Yasser Hamdani said...

The author should learn the meaning of the term "special pleading" because that is what every single one of his arguments is- misreading, non-reading and just deliberate misinterpretation.

My advice- I hope you do not write for a living. Do not quit your day job please and if you intend to do so, kindly take a crash course in grammar and expository writing.

TGH said...

Brother Sun, Sister Moon:
I need to consult with the mainstream media and my lawyer before I answer you.

Anonymous said...

For whatever we know and has been printed in the electronic media, considering it seems in every case the child is not at fault. I have all kinds of friends, and if some are involved in illegal activities, that does not mean that family, or relatives or friends should be targeted and punished. I hope the authorities find that 23 year old male who is the main culprit in this case so the world gets to know the correct version of this incident.

TGH said...

I hope all the crooks in the jungle and those in the corridors of power get caught.
The cast was set when the parents decided to dance to the NGO-BBC tune. As the Qur'an says in 4:79, "Whatever good happens to thee is from God; and whatever evil befalls thee is from thyself".
Don't give up, 'the truth shall set you free'. Wait for part-II of this article.
Hore sunao, kee haal ae tuhada?

aukhabutt said...

sirjee ,2 much gud engllish,,much beetinge off gora bbc nansense
i not undertoood why peepls belief avarything paper n meddia be saying all tiime..keep up worrk ,hope u write more,eid mubbarak

TGH said...

Butt sahib, some people are beginning to think you're my English teacher! When I retire, I'd like to copy your style! :))’

kunfyakoon said...

Tahir: How are you doing? Your effervescent passion is quite inspiring . Your blogs , I hope , are unclogging the sewers of some brains.
Loved the "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" above...the sources of sunstroke and lunacy in the Pakistan.

amir jafri [Echoboom]

TGH said...

Jafri sahib:
Long time, my friend! Yes, I could smell some Canada Dry on this page! You must have spent over half an hour here because you were able to pinpoint two mainstream lovebirds who chirped just like they once did under various guises on——what was that site’s name?
The Municipal Committee does want my recipe but is afraid deep down (in their gutters) I might bring on an early and much-feared CLEAN-UP!
Thanks for being here. Do stay tuned ('tweened', as they say here) for more flowing juices in the next QIST of this article of great faith.

TGH said...

Jafri sahib:
In the movie 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon', Pope Innocent III—after St. Francis of Assisi points out to the corruption in The Vatican and its rich priesthood—walks up and kisses Francesco's feet and blesses him for speaking the truth!
Those who ridicule me do in fact kiss my feet with their instantly forgettable comments.
The brickbats are flowers.

kunfyakoon said...

Tahir: I amdeeply indebted to you for bringing to my attention the movie 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon'. You've made me richer. Being a movie moth and book bug myself, I hope we'll share some more.


Amir Jafri

kunfyakoon said...

well saw the movie...was not too impressed by the production but still it provided me a glimpse into the life of st. Francis of assissi, of which i was not too familiar....thanks anyway.

Never mistake brickbats for flowers...they help you to arm yourself better.

The feet were kissed by the Pope as a shrewd move to quell and dissipate an uprising and a rival church....that's what was whispered by one of the vatican beware of accolades even from the acolytes.

TGH said...

Jafri sahib, I like your screen-name!
I got into that movie because of another one from 1981: Clash of the Titans. Judi Bowker starred in it and she's in this 'Bother Sun' movie as well.
Anyway, I was interested in Donovan's music and Franco Zeffirelli's photography. The papal kiss came as a bonus and I didn't know it was about St. Francis of Assisi.
You would recall how many psychopathic females and abuses they flung to silence me at——what was that site’s name? I stood my ground ALWAYS! Thanks for your brotherly advice; I’m very mindful of their circus tricks. Now only if Dr Safwan Shah would come kiss my feet for sending his trojan to cyber hell.
Stayed blessed, and spread the news of my website around amongst thinking minds.

Muaad said...

"Hadith (saying) attributed to the Messenger of Allah"??? Why do you keep saying "attributed"? Seems like you are not sure the prophet actually said that. Do you really have to be in doubt when a hadith is sahih?
According to, one of the definitions of the word "attributed" is: to consider as made by the one indicated, especially with strong evidence but in the absence of conclusive proof. (
Once a hadith is sahih or even hasan, there must have been conclusive proof suggesting without doubt that the prophet said it.
Yes. I know it is not related to the topic and maybe it is a language issue and that you actually are in no doubt about ahadiths. in that case, sorry. Good article, by the way. The malala story was screaming CONSPIRACY from the start and anyone who believes in the "weak stream of the official discharge" as you put it, well, i have got a bridge to sell them.

TGH said...

Muaad, thanks for your input. I appreciate your pointing out the SAHIH 'attributed' issue which seems to bother you. It appears you still have some distance to travel, I'm practically over the hill researching the varieties of the 'sayings'. I have quoted what makes perfect sense for this article.

Anonymous said...

AOA TGH and all
I also think that maybe this is a conspiracy against Islam...pakistan...i have seen pics of malala rushing towards chopper with her dad after being hit by bullets..meeting with Halbrooke and CIA Agents...and so on...and last but not the least when she woke up of coma in queens hospital in Uk and asking for her books...i thought she should have asked for QURAN Majeed.. would or have the media or west given any importance to a girl if she is HAFIZ OF QURAN MAJEED? Or Aalim? No....and now west talking to give her Noble Peace Prize... wow and millions of more dollars.... Malala is rich and famous and West or maybe followers of west in pakistan has acheived with Malala what they failed to acheived by billions of $ and thousands of Drone attacks and many more....
Only Allah knows what the truth is and Malala and her father... i dont know but something is Fishy...

And media is propagating her like by her acts thousands of non muslims have converted to Islam...

May oneday i hear the real story.

TGH said...

Walaikom salaam, Anonymous, and thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
The picture is painted almost completely in three parts of this article. The army chopper pictures posted on some site can't be accessed now! Not surprising at all.
You're right about things overall, it is very FISHY. You see the over-smart devil always advertises his efforts like crazy and hence gets caught with his pants down by poor believers such as myself.
Just see the tweets of the media's perverts and you'll be shocked to find they have ZERO sympathy for Pakistan or Islam. Why wait for another day, THIS is the real thing?

Avid Reader said...

How can a child so young have such strong views and opinions about the world? Plus the things jotted down in her diary are so alarming!

“I went to lie down with my father but then went to my mother, but could not sleep.”

TGH said...

Yes, Avid, shocking are the ways of 'our child'!

Ahmad Niazi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TGH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TGH said...

Don't you think it odd if over a dozen comments go missing on this important article? Well, I was able to retrieve them. It is obvious that the enemies of truth are busy destroying themselves by attempting to stop the truth from being spoken and written. I only have one message for them: perish in your rage.


Ahmad Niazi (April 13, 2013 at 4:21 AM)

I have read first part of this article about Malala yet.Its an eye opener and shows a lot of in depth research and deep observation of the writer.I am among those millions who have always felt something fishy about this MALALA matter but was not able to pinpoint the reasons so clearly.USA and their allies will never do anything for the betterment of real and true Pakistanis.They will never sponsor or fund and will never speak for anyone from whom they do not have to take some benefit out of.Normally they use such issues to do propaganda and try to give bad name to Islam and Pakistan.These are feeling which an illiterate person like me even have about such issues.With the help of propaganda done by media "THEY" make truth and lie so much confused that it becomes very difficult for common people to differentiate between right and wrong.


TGH (April 14, 2013 at 10:25 AM)

Thanks for dropping by Ahmed. Since you KNOW and FEEL things correctly, you're now a literate person! Have faith and do what is required of you to counter the satanic global plans.

zarina ahmed said...

Tahir ,Good point you have raised and we as Pakistanis should seriously think about it. Why Malala was awarded Nobel Prize?

Over the past few weeks, what with the Nobel hoopla and all, everyone has had something to say or write about Malala Yousafzai.

It’s just a political game otherwise Malala didn’t do anything which benefits our country. She and her fellows in swat find difficulty in gaining education because of those who gave her the so called prize. USA is the main reason of terrorism and unrest in Pakistan and along with Israel and India they are funding their own created Taliban.

It’s sad that the world we live in is so influenced by politicians and their dirty politics. This has only resulted in strife and brother fighting brother without realizing who the beneficiary is.

This is the Time to think and REFLECT!

Anonymous said...

Hater Alert !
I just can’t believe it. What rubbish !
Read this recently on Malala amongst most admired women after Angelina Jolie.

World’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is the second most-admired-woman, the first being Hollywood leading lady and philanthropist Angelina Jolie, according to the YouGov UK poll.

I simply fail to understand why are they promoting her so much ?


TGH said...

If you still haven't figured out WHY its happening and WHO is behind it, then you need to re-read these articles. Best of luck.