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Fruits, Vegetables And Untruths

TMy rebuttal is about an article titled 'Islamic cleric bans women from touching cucumbers, bananas for sexual resemblance’, and whose excerpts are as follows:

“An Islamic cleric residing in Europe said that women should not be close to bananas or cucumbers, in order to avoid any ‘sexual thoughts’. The unnamed sheikh, said that ‘if women wish to eat these food items, a third party, preferably a male related to them such as their a father or husband, should cut the items into small pieces and serve.’

He said that ‘these fruits and vegetables resemble the male penis and hence could arouse women or make them think of sex’ and added carrots and zucchini to the list of ‘forbidden foods for women’. When asked how to control women when they are out shopping for groceries and if holding these items at the market would be bad for them, the cleric answered saying ‘this matter is between them and God.’

Answering another question about what to do if women in the family like these foods, the sheikh advised the interviewer to ‘take the food and cut it for them in a hidden place so they cannot see it.’"

Who is behind it?

People these days will believe anything and everything that the mass media prints or beams at them. Most people did not find the time to research or ponder over a matter that came to light recently on the internet and which concerned Muslim identity. Thus ran an article’s headline: Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance.

First, the cleric in question is neither a cleric nor a Muslim. Second, some female relative within his own unbelieving family might have ‘touched’ the said items in ways that one need not mention in this article. Third, believing Muslim women need not be compared with unbelieving women who, without the fear of God in their hearts, will readily revel in such perversions if the right price is paid.

Red faced Muslim women, who use circular bits of cucumbers only over their eyes to rid themselves of dark circles, were quick to condemn this bogus insinuation but the ones always lying in wait to malign Muslims found another reason to laugh out aloud.

Since God and the Prophets never forbade believers from touching fruits such as cucumbers and bananas or odd looking vegetables, who is this unheard of ‘Islamic cleric’ to prevent one from doing so? Is this the same kind of mind at work that launched the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad or wrote books such as ‘The Satanic Verses’? If one reads the headline under scrutiny (‘Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance’) it is plain to see the kind of mind that was able to spin such news.

Programmers of mass ‘controlled’ media

The global media is controlled by a half a dozen conglomerates whose sole job is to mow down true public opinion and replace it with perversion and untruths. Journalists, the channels, websites, the talk-show hosts, all need that elusive ‘something’ to rocket their ratings skywards, and they will devour any lie, spin any fabric and do whatever it takes to serve the media moguls. Every little useless bit is featured as ‘headline’ or ‘breaking news’, trivia triggers worthless debates, and panels of covert spin-doctors work overtime to do the bidding of their invisible pay-masters who know how to ‘programme’ our thought patterns. One only has to stop and think: who is against Muslims in this global war of error (G-WOE)?

The answer is painfully obvious but even more painful is the fact that, leave alone Christians, even decent Muslims fall into deceptive Zionist traps. The root cause of instability in the world is the political climate of the middle east, in the middle east exists Israel which is a nuclear power fully financed by America, America is controlled by Zionists, and many from this ‘chosen race’ are bent upon forcing down our throats nothing but ‘peace’ (war) and ‘democracy’ (anarchy through instability). It is this group that supports pro-Zionists and Communists, and punishes anti-Zionists through the arm twisting tactics of public opinion. Through deception, they keep the public’s mind focussed on non-events and non-issues, and which helps keep all dissent and rebellion against the prevalent exploitive global financial system quite ineffective.
Freaks of Nature?

If one were to type the words ‘Muslim women, cucumbers’ into any decent search engine, what would one get? Loads of links referring to the same article, what else? Who, if not the destroyers of entire countries, the plunderers of Muslim wealth, the conspirators against Islam, are behind all of this?

But what, one may ask, is the reason for creating such sensationalism? The reason is the same that Satan uses against a God-ordained system: corruption of all that is good and wholesome. Because this media onslaught is directed against core human values of modesty, shame and other desireable virtues, it will remain largely unchecked if one only consoled oneself by asking ‘but what can I do?’

Many Muslim women today want more hijab (modest head-scarf), not more skin exposure. They want the exploitation of women to come to an end which the opposing camp helps perpetuate through child pornography rackets in central Europe and sex slave trade linking east European countries with Israel.

While investigating the recent accusation against Muslim women, I came across an apologetic editorial, whose excerpts are as follows:

“As a young news organization ( we are concerned over the manner of both our reporting on this issue and the way our article was used by a number of global organizations to promote their own partisan agendas.

It was my own editorial oversight that failed in allowing this story to be published. It was my duty to not publish this story before we could gather independent verification about the details behind the original Arabic article from

The “Islamic cleric bans women from touching cucumbers, bananas for sexual resemblance,” article should not have run when it did; it should not have been run at all. We should not have published about an ‘unnamed sheikh’ in an unnamed European country unless we were able to garner more information on the issue, both on the sheikh himself and the news website the information was gathered from, independently.

We have an increased responsibility to not only verify our own material at the highest levels, but further investigate the quotes and articles of other news organizations before referencing their work. This is our error. We apologize for the poor judgment on the matter.

We recognize our pitfalls and their repercussions . . . error in judgment can have serious, detrimental effects. We apologize to our readers for the inadequate editorial judgment. We should not have sourced a piece published by a small website based on such limited, unverifiable information. We accept responsibility for doing so and are working to correct the aspects of our organizational culture which allowed this mistake to occur.

Reporting in a fair and accurate manner on Islam is a difficult process, and one that takes very seriously. We will continue to push for more information on this story in order to interrogate the accuracy of their original article. If we cannot uncover more information, then we take it as our duty to make this clear and do everything in our power to spread that revelation to those who have sourced and quoted it.

We apologize to our readers for letting them down, and will strive to assure them with our future work that we are making fundamental, institutional changes to assure that mistakes like this do not happen again.”

©Tahir Gul Hasan, 2011

English article:
Original Arabic article at


ayesha said...

Thank you for this rebuttal TGH, you are absolutely right Muslims themselves were flabbergasted over reading this recent article by an "unknown Sheikh who lived in an unknown destination" It was hurting to read, it was frustrating at the same time as to why such things keep popping up every now and then? Your Clarification has come as a blessing for all those concerned souls. Kudos to you for such a lucid article with a purpose to elucidate everyone. Two thumbs up mate!

TGH said...

Thanks, AZK, but I suck only one thumb at a time! As of this writing, I have the devious ones sucking all my four thumbs out of sheer frustration arising out of seeing this re-BUTT-al.
Do circulate it at the highest level, short of bringing down a government somewhere.

TGH said...

From Mohammad Akhtar Pathan on FaceBook:
Tahir Gul Hasan saheb, hats off to you for such a powerful rebuttal. I have advised all my friends to read it. Allah bless you..

TGH said...

Thanks, kho Pathan sahib!
You know I had to do THIS piece. Do keep interacting; this is the only way you can support people who dare to speak up...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Anything and everything can make news as long as it’s against Islam... so disgusting really.

I really enjoyed the read. This was long overdue wasn’t it? Hope to see more of you here T!

TGH said...

Thanks for the suppor-T, anonymous!

Asra Nomani said...

Dear Tahir, I thought your piece was very interesting. I wrote on the topic of the banana fatwa and, thus, saw your article. I appreciated how you attempted to be systematic in your argument. I want to just ask you: you said that if such a sheikh existed he "is not a Muslim." And you continued to add that "even decent Muslims fall into Zionist traps," in your argument that the cucumber story is another attempt to defame Islam.

Can I very gently propose something differently to you, in terms of perspective. How about, instead of deflecting and dismissing, we actually look at the problem in our communities of actual "Muslim" clerics issuing ridiculous fatwas. Forget the banana fatwa. There are scores of irresponsible fatwas, from one this week advocating honor killings in Pakistan, to al-Qaeda's entire military strategy.

Why don't we take responsibility for our problems, rather than just blaming the "Zionist conspiracy" and denying the presence of people who are "Muslims."

My thesis is that in our traditionally, shame-based Muslim culture, our communication strategy has been one of deflection and not one of taking ownership of our problems for the sake of saving face.

Saving face trumps truth telling, it seems to me. You say that you don't like folks with "forked tongues," "dual nationalities" and "split personalities," but it seems that more than issues of literal identity, truth-telling, should be the highest priority.

Best, Asra

These are humbly my two cents, and I share them with you because I sense that you are sincere and will not just take offense and be defensive at my thoughts, and will actually engage in a constructive conversation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tahir for this ....God Bless. naveeda sultan

TGH said...

God bless you too and may the party be with you. :)

TGH said...

Dear Asra, no, hey Asra, howya doin'out in Virginia?

I'm still doing Windows these days and don't like the Mac; I think its too elitist for writers.

I guess the words "is not a Muslim", "even decent Muslims fall into Zionist traps", and "another attempt to defame Islam" really made you go HMMM! Nahi?

This zrticle isn't about 'deflecting and dismissing' but about taking the bull (you know Moses, Bani- Israel, the worshipful golden calf, the NYSE bull) by the proverbial horn.

Maybe you haven't read my OTHER articles; I do criticize our own problems but never do I hear Muslim clerics speak of things that the 'cleric' in cyberspace has spoken about, namely: sexy 'pet' veggies for lonely M-ladies.

As for your own subtle defence of the "Zionist conspiracy", people here are very alive (unlike the average bankrupt Umreekan) to the forever wailing Wall's global issue. Look, some prefer getting blown up, some end up losing heads; both are deluded by Iblees.

You're much too kind--ladies must always be so--in your appreciation and believe me, your 'two cents' are worth more than a million interest-laced dollars loaned out to the Umreekan gore-mint by the Fed(up) Reserve.

Finally, I admit, ours (yours too, I suppose) is a culture and religion steeped in shame (ya know, 'sharm-o-haya') which will always remain under attack by the shameless.

Always sincere,

TGH said...

Asra, looks like you never KNEW 2:228 which means: one pronouncement, then a cooling period of a month, then another one and finally the FINAL D-word! It’s NOT how the movies portray!
And footnote to 5:5...
"Whereas Muslim men are allowed to marry women from among the followers of another revealed religion, Muslim women may not marry non-Muslims: the reason being that Islam enjoins reverence of all the prophets, while the followers of other religions reject some of them - e.g., the Prophet Muhammad or, as is the case with the Jews, both Muhammad and Jesus. Thus, while a non-Muslim woman who marries a Muslim can be sure that - despite all doctrinal differences - the prophets of her faith will be mentioned with utmost respect in her Muslim environment, a Muslim woman who would marry a non-Muslim would always be exposed to an abuse of him whom she regards as God's Apostle."
And 2:221 (why chase after an unbelieving man)?
"AND DO NOT many women who ascribe divinity to aught beside God ere they attain to [true] belief: for any believing bondwoman [of God] is certainly better than a woman who ascribes divinity to aught beside God, even though she please you greatly. And do not give your women in marriage to men who ascribe divinity to aught beside God ere they attain to [true] belief: for any believing bondman [of God] is certainly better than a man who ascribes divinity to aught beside God, even though he please you greatly. [Such as] these invite unto the fire, whereas God invites unto paradise, and unto [the achievement of] forgiveness by His leave; and He makes clear His messages unto mankind, so that they might bear them in mind."

TGH said...

Asra, you wrote:
"I grew to become an activist in the Muslim world...the most fundamental ways Islamic legal traditions control women is through love, with a ban on marrying men who aren't Muslim...some women and clerics are challenging the practice. I believe a society's ability to accept marriages that cross racial and religious lines is a direct expression of its tolerance."
It does NOT matter what feels GOOD to you; you cannot anger God! You have NOT read the revelations or explored their import. The multi-racial, cross-religious dream GOT you!
Only clerics who dream of vile bananas and cucumbers can support madmen and madwomen.
"I had met a wonderful man in Washington, D.C., where I now live. A U.S. Army officer specializing in Islam and South Asia, he knew the religion better than many born into the faith—but he wasn't Muslim. He had traveled along the Ganges River in India and through the Khyber Pass in Pakistan.
Even the most naive person will have her alarm bell ringing ALOUD at have someone with the above credentials around! And a specialist in Islam and South Asia? Jee-sus, girl!
Haven't you read '1984'? Its precisely SUCH 'fair' blue-eyed 'experts' who intermix with the Tall-Ebans and cause all the damage. Even children in this country know THIS bit of truth.

TGH said...

Golden words of Asar Q Nomani (Daniel Pearl fame) that are worth repeating for those who don't really know her well.
‎'Islam is a feminist religion'!
MY COMMENT: Islam gives enough liberties to women which they never had before but it also gives enough rope to the deniers to hang themselves.

Tawheed, is NOT 'the spiritual equality of all people' as defined by you during your argument at the mosque. Tawheed strikes terror in the hearts of those who walk the path of pantheistic error.

‎"It's the 21st Century and I am courageous because I'm standing for my right to go into the mosque through the front door? It's so comical," she said.
MY COMMENT: In God's View, you are NOT who you claim to be! How do I know His View? Why, I read His Words!

"Nomani described Islam in America as pre-Vatican II reform";
MY COMMENT: And you're Martin Luther's female version, a reformer approved by Zion?

‎"It's a battle of ideas. It's a war of ideas," Nomani tells a radio interviewer.
MY COMMENT: And you will lose, despite your pseudo-liberal, right-wing Islamophobic 'backing'.

‎‎"...conversations filled with typical 'ghetto Muslim speak' invoking Islamic prayers and salutations, such as as-salamalaikum ('peace be upon you') and inshallah ('God willing').
MY COMMENT: This is your distorted view about Muslims. So sad...

TGH said...

Somewhere someone wrote about Asra...

"We will focus on Nomani – a frequent presence when Muslim-related controversy arises. This self styled former Wall Street Journal writer has gained a cart blanche within the media, right and left alike. And while the Muslims in America have been greatly in need of a representative voice of truth within the mainstream, voices like Nomani have reinforced the existing Muslim stereotypes, along with her near-reflexive tendency to defend any actions against mainstream Muslims.
The image of a liberal, non-conformist rebel has served Nomani well during the past few years. In her most recent Daily Beast Column, she labels herself as a hardcore liberal: pro-choice, pro-gun control, and pro-same sex marriage.
For all her liberal attributes however, her views on Islam-related issues are more in-line with Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. Nomani’s previous pet causes (to name just a few) have been opposing the Park 51 mosque project, supporting racial profiling of Muslims, and most recently – her support for the biased radicalization hearings of Congressman King. Her books, articles, radio and television interviews all paint Muslims – especially Muslim men with a broad brush; she has called for the removal of “certain verses of the Quran.” But for Nomani, you see – it’s ok…because she’s a Muslim. And Muslims need a voice, right?"

TGH said...

More from Dr 'M'...

"I know its a harsh thing to say but lets be dead honest : Asra Nomani is a lying and manipulative Zionist media whore. Quick refresher : Asra Nomani is a failed journalist who has been milking the murder of WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl for the last several years while promoting herself(in no small part thanks to the usual suspects) as a Muslim "reformist." Muslim haters love this woman, as she justifies the flea bitten orientalist caricatures of bearded, misogynist, religiously observant, Muslim males oppressing brave little liberal gals like herself. Before all this, the wild eyed bimbo was a nobody struggling with her multiple failed relationships(zina included) with men while pontificating about Tantric sexual practices. It's like watching a bad SNL skit go on forever.
Nomani started her "crusade" against the Morgantown masjid not because of issues related to "equal access" but because of her unpopularity and inability to win a position on the masjid's board of directors. Yes, your daddy may have contributed some money to the masjid but that doesn't guarantee you any kind of position, Asra. This isn't a western client regime based on hereditary dictatorship. Go con a Gulf "emir"(preferably the idiot who blew $10 million on a license plate) into marriage to get that sort of argument rolling.
Nomani lies about her ancestry. She is NOT related to Allama Shibli Nomani, a renowned scholar of Islam from India. His family has confirmed this. Sheikh Shibli Nomani completed his education in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Usul (Islamic principles), Hadith (traditions of prophet Mohammad), Munazra (comparative religious debate), Maqulat (rational science) and astronomy under illustrious scholars like Maulana Farooq Chiryakoti, Hakim Abdullah Jairajpuri and Maulana Irshad Hussain of Rampur. He was also an ardent anti-colonialist. To put it mildly, he was the complete opposite of the sycophantic slattern pretending to be his descendant.
In a soft ball interview at Brandies university, a "liberal" Zionist institution, Nomani refers to Hajar(r.a.) as a single mother. This is untrue and reflects her gross ignorance about Islam. Hajar(r.a.) was the second wife of Ibrahim(a.s.) and the mother of Ismail (a.s.), even Muslim children know this.
So Ms.Nomani, what made you think you could pull your shenanigans and be not called on them? Because you're a woman? You feminists can't have it both ways, behaving like a dog in heat one instant and then playing damsel in distress when in trouble. Yes I'm going to be judgmental about your promiscuous life because you put it out in public (with no shortage of personal attacks on those not on the bandwagon) and it just doesn't pass the stink test. You're a liar, a monumental fraud and an attention seeking whore selling yourself by demonizing a community you were never a part of. You're not some starry eyed persecuted young girl fighting for your rights but a middle aged opportunist exploiting the ignorance and fear of Islam in the West to make a living. Having a soft spot for biryani and baklava doesn't make you a Muslim (her pathetic excuse for parents never taught her the difference between culture and religion)."

TGH said...

Reply to Asra "zionist media whore" Nomani

TGH said...

Real face of Asra Nomani...

TGH said...

Asra mowed down by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi at Doha! You can watch the entire video here:

Here are some excerpts...
The two opposing religious sides were championed by myself and Asra Nomani. My basic premise was that the motion was illogical in its very wording: a “Muslim” by definition is one who submits to the laws of Islam, hence there could be no ultimate “freedom” if she wanted to truly be Muslim. I decided against quoting any verses or hadith, as this was not a theological debate, but merely one of definitions (what makes someone a Muslim). I also decided to avoid all controversial fiqh issues and stick to what was agreed upon by the scholars of Islam. I do believe this helped my argument immensely.
Asra Nomani argued from a completely progressive point of view, stating that my claim of Muslim women not being allowed to marry non-Muslims was simply “Yasir’s version of Islam”. Even though I repeatedly pointed out that there was unanimous consensus on this issue, she continued to retort back that that was “my version”. Asra said all that I expected her to say, throwing in the standard red-herrings of “the wife-beating verse”, “forced marriages”, “loveless arranged marriages”, and of course “‘male domination”. I tried my best to always bring it back to the topic, as I did not want to waste time going down these other tangents. I was, however, offended at one tactic of hers. She asked (twice actually!), “What would you do if your own daughter wanted to marry a non-Muslim man?” I really felt like saying,
“Let’s leave our children out of the debate”. I found the question crude, undignified, and, frankly, insulting. I handled it as well as I could on the spot, although in hindsight I could have done better.
I was waiting for the opportunity to ask her one of my prepared questions, which was to demonstrate the logical consequences of destroying all boundaries. Very late in the debate, the opportunity did arise, and I said, “Asra, a very simple and blunt question: would you allow a Muslim woman to marry another woman?” Her response was, as I expected, in the affirmative. That was all I needed! My main point throughout the entire debate was: if you remove all limits, you have nothing left, and there is no point attaching yourself to any religion. Do as you please, but don’t bring religion into it to justify it.
However, my ultimate goals in this debate were:
1) To make sure that Islam was not blamed for these evils; rather lay the blame squarely where it was deserved (culture).
2) To underscore the fact that the Islamic system was the perfect system and the need to understand it properly and return to it.
3) To illustrate that importing cheap slogans such as “total freedom” is in fact meaningless, and would lead to consequences that the vast majority of people in the region would be opposed to.

Rahat said...

Totally surprising and hard to digest, I can't believe this is also happening. What next?

Capt Ripan Nayar said...

We all must follow a simple rule, " Assumptions made on scanty information may be dangerous and must be avoided". We must leave the food item as a food item and not mix it as a sexual object. I have been eating banana and a carrots fort almost 60 years and the thought never occurred to me as they can be used as a sexual object and now after reading the article, when I eat it, I laugh a lot and at times feel a little guilty. We must not get carried away by stupid thoughts and for the Sheik who thought we must not give any thought towards what he has said. Actually we have give him too much of an undue importance and published what he has said, instead we must have ignored him hen he would have quietly shut up.

TGH said...

Rahat, what's next is anybody's guess! Keep reading the blog and you'll come across unheard of things! Thanks for dropping by. :)

TGH said...

Timmy dear, thanks for commenting and feeling guilty at the same time while eating those darned things!
Probably you missed reading the OTHER comments which I added after I politely answered a very 'concerned' pro-Zionist. Just LOOK at how things really work behind the scenes. Your Pun-jobi YAAR is never of the mark!
Take care buddy. :))

yasmeen said...

A very good article... as always you research well. I don't understand why some people need to go to these obscene lengths to downgrade Islam. These are in the mind of this disrespectful person and should be ignored.....It is disgraceful to what extent peoples minds can associate something natural and needed for our survival to such indecent sexual behavior... what a shame these minds sick minds exist. Yasmeen. D

TGH said...

YKD, thanks for letting the world know what you think. It matters here and in the hereafter!

faryal said...

Nice article. I am still wondering where you got these weird looking vegetable pictures from. Do you grow them? And what the hell is wrong with this dame Asra Nomani?

TGH said...

Faryal, thanks for your investigative comment about the veggies! Actually Dr Muller (a Frankfurt sex shop) was kind enough to let me photograph these vegetables (sorry, delightful 'objects') for the sake of humanity. How do I know the good doctor? Please don't bothering asking! :))
As for Miss Nomani, she would either wink at me or ask me out politely! Being a die-hard feminist, she did none of that! :))

TGH said...

Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media Manipulation

Jessica Elizabeth said...
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TGH said...
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Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to read your interesting and astonishing article. You are so very right, people these days do believe anything and everything that the mass media prints or beams at them.I did it too, but not any more. Now I do a lot of research and read it first on the internet or through other medias.
It seems that you had also done a lot of research for this amazing article , and to find the wacky pictures.

Some people do have sick minds and so as their thinking . It is despicable to think that how people relate such things to sex objects. All these are real and normal things that we all have it daily. My thinking is different and I think all these are healthy food and to be eaten raw. I eat cucumber, carrot and banana everyday. We all must ignore such weird thoughts while eating.
What is coming next ?

TGH said...

Miss Laila, don't worry about RAW things; the ISI already does that for all of us. Eat, drink (filtered tanker-water?) and be merry (marry?).
Thanks for liking this article. I don't know what's next here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, T Sahab for the information. I am not worried about RAW things;I am worried about other things, which are bothering me and raising my anxiety level. How can one be merry ?

ISI !!! The Pakistani God father .