Thursday, 25 March 2010

Spencer Tunick Says, ‘Take Off Your Tunics!’

Very odd things happen in this world in the name of Art, and down-under Australia will not allow itself to lag behind in the race to lose its national face. It took the shamelessness of an American photographer, Spencer Tunick, to look for Australians willing to disrobe on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, all in the name of Art.

All Pakistanis must feel threatened by this skin-terrorism and refuse to remain in awe of all things western. Warlords, drug barons, and paid assassins be damned, a vast number of Pakistanis taken their wealth and children to Australia because the terrifying cows reared by the Taliban are beginning to eat whatever green grass remains on our side.

These days, one can say or do just about anything under the garb of Art. Take for example, sexual openness of European and Hindu temple art, or the peculiar sexual fantasies penned by Marquis de Sade. Over the centuries, many civilizations have remained comfortable with nudity to the extent that they first divided the sole Creator into males and females who did all what humans did, then depicted them in nude and finally worshipped their idols or representations of private parts in public.

Tunick is infamous—or ‘famous’, as they would have one believe—for capturing hundreds of naked people against industrial or urban backgrounds. He now wishes to create a Sydney ‘installation’, involving up to 2,000 nude volunteers. The photo will be called ‘The Base’ and will coincide with the city’s annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, which attracts participants and audiences from around the globe.

“In a way, I’m making a base for the structure, a base for the architecture, and by combining straight and gay and lesbian people I’m weaving the different sexes and society together to form this wonderful fabric that holds up this gorgeous building,” Tunick told Australian radio.

The media will listen to anything and then stoop to broadcasting it in the name of freedom of expression, but being free does not mean one must be dumb (free-dumb). God has already clearly spelled out in His revelations what He thinks about the perverts, but the likes of Tunick are hell-bent on having everyone’s tunics come off in public.

Tunick has produced almost 100 ‘installations’ around the world, including one in Melbourne in 2001, and says his ‘work is not about exhibitionism or eroticism, but instead is about the vulnerability of life in a rough city landscape.’

If this mass striptease is not eroticism, what is? If he is so concerned about the ‘vulnerability of life’, he must head for places where humanity loses everything on a daily basis; what is point in remaining glued to rich cities where, at the slightest suggestion, the well dressed are willing to disrobe in public?

My criticism of Tunick may not impress him but even the authorities in the United States remain unimpressed with his argument, where he has been arrested seven times. Perhaps they expect him to include his mother, sister or daughter in one such immodest ‘installation’ to show how vulnerable they are in a rough cityscape.

UPDATE 10 July 2015:
Sea of blue behinds: 1000's of naked bodies gather in Hull for Tunick installation


Anonymous said...

The first human being Hazrat Adam AS was deceived by Satan & both him & his wife both obeyed him which undressed them in front of each other so this is the attempt of Satan who wants all of the human beings to take off their dress in front of others so that a human being who is the highest level of creation of Allah must lose their dignity & honor. Satan is jealous of our position because only a human being has the power of challenging him & we can challenge him by making ourselves dignified & honorable human beings irrespective of our belief systems. So honor yourself by own your self respect you will achieve the win win situation at all times. This is my personal experience. May Allah bless you all. Bunty.

TGH said...

Thanks for letting us know what you think, Bunty! I'm sure the fashion brigade will disagree with your theory.

aukhabutt said...

Vohahahha! oy sir ji . .dhoti chukk action this is trulyy oy . ..!!

Anonymous said...

Shocking and quite disgusting

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words. ........................................

TGH said...

Thanks Aukha Butt, Anonymous and Chinaman!

NM said...

Very cool! But then how do you explain the famous Nudes of the Renaissance or other periods for that matter? Painting is Art. So is photography, right? If no one has questioned those great artists then why criticize this one?

TGH said...

Princess, very odd things happen in this world in the name of Art!
I've been questioning such over-the-edge Art right from the start.
Thanks for your guest appearance!