Friday, 5 March 2010

Anti-Aging Cream For 950 Years

I have always wondered about the anti-aging creams used by those who lived before us because they lived up to as long as 950 years—Prophet Noah being the best example of a grand old man. If I get lucky, I might touch sixty-five, and if my father gets luckier, he might outlive me; he is already eighty-six years old and going strong.

I have always believed that the Earth revolved at a much faster rate far back in time. The days were much shorter due to one other important factor: the lunar months being shorter than solar ones. With zero stress in life and unlimited natural resources at one’s disposal, one lived on for centuries until Death decided to issue a Gold debit card.

Richard Gross, a scientist at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, has calculated how much the axis may have changed in position following the recent earthquake in Chile. For those who cannot get over the pseudo-science of global warming caused by human activity, the thought of the magnetic pole shifting from here to there by a few centimetres every time an earthquake occurs might be too much to bear. The wonderful men of science wearing white coats tell us that that indeed happens without our noticing Mother Earth’s shifting mood.

Major Earthquakes can cause minor polar shifts. The recent earthquake, the most powerful to hit Chile in fifty years, killed more than 700 people, affected an estimated two million people with its 8.8-magnitude tremor followed by tsunamis. The earthquake sent shockwaves out from the epicentre 70 miles from Chile's second city, Concepcion. Richard Gross has calculated that if the planet's axis did shift by 8cm during the recent earthquake, days would have shortened by 1.26 microseconds. A microsecond is one-millionth of a second.

We all know that Earth days are 24 hours long because the planet takes this many hours to perform one rotational tango on its axis, hence a shifting of the axis would affect rotation. While the 9.1-magnitude tremor of Indonesia started the deadly tsunami in Asia in 2004, the Chilean earthquake shifted the Earth's axis by even more than that, according to the men of science. This was partly because the fault line responsible for the quake in Chile dips into Earth at a slightly steeper angle than does the fault responsible for the 2004 Sumatran earthquake. The different angle made the Chilean tremor was more effective at moving Earth's mass vertically and shifting the planet's axis.

Please remember that California, and specially the decadent Hollywood, lives right on the geographical and moral fault-line. One nod from the sky and the entire Box Office will be lost forever.

The 2004 earthquake of Indonesia, which killed hundreds of thousands of people, caused the Earth to move by approximately 7cm and shortened the day by an estimated 6.8 microseconds.

The combined 8.06 microseconds off the clock each day also means that those who say ‘time is money’ are at a great loss. Indeed the Qur’an’s chapter 103, The Flight Of Time, states clearly in verses 1 and 2: “CONSIDER the flight of time! (2) Verily, man is bound to lose (i.e. in a state of loss) himself.” It then indicates who will not lose themselves in the rat race of Time and Life.


Zaina said...

I think end of the world is approaching. I had never heard of massive destructions like these as a child.

aukha said...

end of warld not be approch zaina ji . .butt be thinkin why not somethin alsebe appraoch like love shove . .excuse me tahir saab vary few macrosecond time i have now . .

Anonymous said...

Quran indeed reveals its reality, authentic & unchallenged by humanity so far to open our eyes about our next Life.
Unfortunately human beings remain busy in meeting their ends the whole day till they face death.
No doubt such natural calamities do give us a food for thought & remind us that Allah is very much there & watching us all the time. We all must take some lesson from this & pay attention to gain some good deeds for our final journey to the next life. Death is the greatest reality of life but we assume it as if its too far away from us but its very close to us & going to approach us without any warning.
Lets pray to Allah for betterment of Pakistan our beautiful country & give away whatever you can to keep people happy. Allah will love you the most. Love your fellow beings & Allah will love you. Bunty.

TGH said...

Anonymous, I'm glad you understand it well!

Anonymous said...

Calamities have nothing to do with Allah or other metaphysical concepts.You cannot stop them by anyy "good deeds","prayers" etc.They can only be avoided by knowign their causes and developing technology to avoid to save humanities from its destruction.

As far as Pakistan is concerned,it has served her historical purpose hence it is bound to perish due to the absence of a just system.There is no research and development ,no contribution to science ,only terrorist organisations , religios fanatics ,psuedo scholars and elite groups ,backed by the state so that religion can be used to safeguard their vested interests.

Get rid of religion and learn science to find a better living.Dont fantasise for heaven, make earth as a heaven.That is the most productive sense you guys can get from your holy book.

TGH said...

Anonymous, where do you live and what do you do for a living? I think you've lost it all.

Anonymous said...

I work in the Arabic Republic of Saudia (not islamic republic of arabia) in an ERP project and am a technologist by profession.

I have nothing to lose my dear.Don't tell me the loss of the life hereafter,that is just an assumption.We will overcome the resurrection of the genone in the next couple of decades hence we dont need your day of judgement.

Any other questions filled with faith based on satire ,which is the only thing which the so called intellectuals of third world countries have learnt due to interest in literature ,are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Very informative.


TGH said...

Nice to see you here, M!

Anonymous said...

Quran do say "aur kia woh daikhtay nahi k hum zameen ko uskay kinaron se sukartay chale jatay hain". I think it is quite clear for the believers, unless there are still dumbasses here who think global warming is still a myth.

the water level is rising and land is disappearing, I am noticing readings on doppler radars which are not normal. it's changing alright, sooner or later it has to end. earth core is like an engine and it's stalling cause we are putting it into overdrive.

end is not near but it certainly has started.


Anonymous said...

mr. technologist's views are dead like scintology, but still he cannot help saying "shalom". o' hear him david.


TGH said...

The Earth and everything on it (or in it) is continuously changing. Now that we can measure all this with great precision, some misguided ones (employed by nations that have caused massive environmental damage) insist we are sinking!

May those perish who exploit and damage God's green Earth.

TGH said...

Shalom to those who wish me peace.

Anonymous said...

Mr B (I hope it does is not one of the huroof-e-muqatia'at)and most probably is the first letter of BS.

While you have the right to say that my views are dead however to dilute it from the contamination of your misconceptions ,may I ask you whether Gabrial or Tichi Tichi informed you about its death.Would you care to elaborate?

...And I said Shalom expecting it might have cooled down your hot burning heads.

Am waiting for your answer along with your spiritual mentor's comments who himself seems to be suffering from narcassism.

Shaloooommmmm!! (again)

Anonymous said...

your oversight missed out the "H" in BS !!! but I can expect this from you, does show one's mentality.

you don't have to be a hypocrite trying to, according to yourself, "cool us" by saying shaloom, we are cool with it, stick to your scientific beliefs with honor dude sir !!!

Gabriel? dude sir !!! it's the God (you would not know about that cause science do not have a difination for God) who has said it in Quran many times, about the day when everythings ends, btw that's the holy book for muslims, same like what torah is to your fellow brothers who still are wise enough not to go 'tech'.

here is another thing, you are blinded by your "views" as quran says, so even if I do prove it to you that quran said it 1400 years back what you may know now, you still going to go the other way cause the other way is what you have chosen. you will find it hard to accept cause you are a coward, to accept the truth, coward to leave what you adopted, coward to be 'someone', a man without faith is nothing, so dear sir ...

you are nothing.

now to cool you down, I'll say, peace be upon you.


Anonymous said...

Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists.

what does your tech-magination says about this sir? do you have any clue about the geo-thermal changes? how many quakes you record this year? oh and you mind want to know about that 'invisible' wind shear that brought down the plane in lebonon last month, it happened so fast the radars did not pick it up. can you resurrect all that? figures.

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