Saturday, 2 July 2011

Aliens From Inner Space

Please restrict yourselves to reading my tongue-in-cheek style of written material; never imagine that I have my tongue inside forbidden cheeks. –tgh

You are many in number, are spread all over the globe and have seen me grow over the years.

What is this map here?

Are these locations of Al-CIAda’s bases—as America would have us believe? Are they places where military DICK-tators have hidden our clean money as ‘dirty’ money? Are you still guessing if these are shops that sell red balloons? Give up wracking your frail nerves right away!

Well, this is how all readers, commentators and casual browsers of my blog really look like on the world map! Surprised?

As you can see, from Hawaii to Japan, I have got it covered. Why do so few possess literary tastes in South America is beyond me, and why are there no readers from Australia, Africa, Russia, CIS countries and Greenland? I can take some horses to the proverbial well but I cannot make them all drink.

Use word of mouth, and spread the good word around because I love you all in shockingly different ways and for whose demonstration you must never ask.

Thank you for your support.


© Tahir Gul Hasan


ayesha said...

Interesting! True, you can show the horse where the water well is but you cant make it drink....That is individual choice. People who choose to taste your writings are indeed blessed to have you as their friend and guide....Thank you for being my guide & friend tgh :0)

Anonymous said...

Someone who has read you once, can't not read you again and again...

I have learnt, from your writings more than anywhere, that there's no excuse for mediocrity.

Keep writing!!
May the red balloon shops increase..

TGH said...

Miss Guided, indeed many a miss think I'm a good guide. However, I'm not the choice of some from the 'Pepsi generation'!
Always welcome! :))

TGH said...

Miss Anonymous, your double negative bowled me over (“can't not read you again and again”). Let me re-read it yet again! :))

Anonymous said...

Am glad to have had that effect...whoever said that two wrongs can't make a right?