Friday, 17 June 2011

Pakistan’s State Emblem Explained

More out of curiosity and driven less by misplaced patriotism I decided to check what the strange emblem on a Pakistani passport represented. I visited a government website to find an explanation because nobody can lie better than a government can.

The site proudly explains the state emblem of Pakistan as ‘approved by the Central Government in 1954, symbolises Pakistan's ideological foundation, its cultural heritage, the guiding principles and the basis of its economic strength.’

What is mentioned with almost martial zeal has already been blown to smithereens, courtesy of suicide jackets and American drone-attacks. Let us now dissect the official statement further.

First, the foundation of the state has been shaken to the core by repeated undemocratic interruptions by the men in starched khaki uniforms who were corrupted by men in starched shalwar qameez suits, and both 'helped' covertly by certain men in black who emerged from the White Washed House of Washing Town.

In 1947, Pakistan’s foundation was fool-proof but it was never upgraded to being duffer-proof. All that concrete and steel of our structure has now turned into mud and hay, and the ground on which the state currently stands shakes every day because of American drones that mostly take off and land from special airfields rented out by our own 'protectors'. God abhors killing and corruption in all forms, hence so sane person ought to like terrorism.

Second, the cultural heritage until a few years ago was intact. It was beautifully being represented each spring by the kite-flying festival of basant which is now banned by a government that does not represent the wishes of the people. Behind the ban are the murderous mullahs and bored legal men who, as children, never flew kites or played with marbles. Some obscurantist groups quote obscure episodes from a chequered past to justify the ban on basant and attack everything that the inhabitants of the Indo-Pak sub-continent have celebrated together since centuries without getting into one another’s way. The same banned outfits consider kite-flying a grave danger to public necks that occasionally get slit by metal wire.

Had this group been more vigilant regarding the legal sanction given to military dictators, we might have fared better. The deadly metal wire they speak of, and which only some pranksters use instead of the traditional cotton thread, is the real problem. Why must the whole festival or the thousands that work in the kite-making industry suffer? Surprisingly, the rulers do not consider lack of utilities, escalating inflation, rising crime rate, drone attacks and the failing security apparatus as ‘threats’ to our necks but rather God’s Will.

The impotent PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) still exists but tourism is all but destroyed in peaceful places like Swat whose three million inhabitants were bombed and turned into displaced persons in their own country by its 'security forces'. Now what is left around us to take a tour of: The Presidency, Federal buildings of a heavily guarded cultural wasteland called Islamabad or the GHQ where our collective fate is re-written everyday while foreign agents dip their 'intelligence' biscuits in our hot tea? Where do we take our children for sight-seeing?

Third, where can we see those ‘guiding principles’ in action which we have been taught to worship like a golden calf? What did poet Allama Iqbal mean by his ode to Hindustan? Who, if not the Anglophiles, the mullahs and the feudal lords have truly benefitted from the creation of a 'separate homeland for Indian Muslims' by Mr Muhammad Ali Jinabhai  and his rich company? What shall the common man do?

Hollow are the words that we hear ad nauseam in official speeches or as lyrics of national songs sung by shrill out-of-tune pop singers. Allama Iqbal, the poet of the east, who gave us loads of vision and pride in being Muslims, now turns in a grave situated at the foot of the Badshahi mosque of Lahore. Armed guard at his mausoleum’s door ensure that he never steps out to chastise with his walking stick the mis-leaders who trample upon the ideals of Pakistan.

The same security is ensured at Jinnah’s white marble mausoleum in Karachi. The local dignitaries do not go there to offer Fatiha (Qur’anic prayer) but to mumble apologies for their misdeeds and to cry crocodile tears. And year after year they proceed on all-expenses paid pilgrimage trips to Makkah to wash away the guilt that seems to multiply like rabbits.

Fourth and last we come to the mirage of ‘economic growth’. In which jungle is this animal found, on which tree does this bird sing, from which branch does this monkey swing, where is this growth that the World Bank’s banksters and the International Monetary Fund’s gangsters promise us each time they feed us with un-blessed usurious money? Economic growth is now a lame dog that barks at each car because it cannot comprehend how to capitalize on golden opportunities that whiz by.

With scarcely a Volt or a Watt of electricity available, and with a dwindling natural gas supply, on what crutches will we become Asian tigers such as Japan, Korea, or China? Have we made good use of our friendship with China by overhauling our railways or the urban transportation systems? Have we asked China to stop flooding our markets with cheap products so that we may protect our own industries of sports goods, surgical instruments, and hand-made carpets? No is an answer common to all of the above questions.

The government website goes further to claim that ‘the four ingredients of the emblem are the crescent and star crest at the top; traditional symbols of Islam’.

I beg to disagree. If you see Hollywood movies or cartoons, invariably you will see witches’ hats adorned with the crescent and star symbol. Have the witches become Muslims or have they applied for Pakistani nationality?

The star symbolizes the sun which represents the son of light, or Lucifer. The crescent represents Diana, the pagan goddess of hunting. One might say that an owl is considered foolish in the east but wise in the west (it is worshipped as Satan at the Bohemian Grove) and therefore, our crescent and star depicts only good. The last messenger of Allah never used such symbols; leave alone salute them or force others to do the same in public. Evil loves symbolism because it needs a disguise to fool mankind. The American dollar bill’s symbolism is a case in point.

Evil has its own favourite signs and numbers and these need to be recognised and rejected by those who can see through the smokescreen. Just because the creators of our national insignia were not well-informed must not mean that we disregard the true meanings associated with occult symbols. Just because we use the lunar calendar for our religious festivals must also not mean that the moon is Islam’s sacred symbol. Before Islamic states and Muslim leaders adopted the moon symbol, pagans and enemies of God used it too. Why must we prop up the moon to compete with the Christian cross (it represents the apparent crucifixion of Christ)?

Further, we are told that ‘the shield in the centre, with four partitions, shows cotton, wheat, tea and jute. These are the main crops of Pakistan and signify the strong agriculture based economy.’

In 1971, the collective stupidity of the politicians and the excesses committed by the armed forces caused the loss of East Pakistan which became Bangladesh. Hence, jute and tea that got severed, should no more be included in the state emblem since they are harsh reminders of our past. Bangladesh is better off now than it was in the past as East Pakistan, and just to make us think, her government is sending to the gallows mullahs who participated in genocide.

As for cotton crops, Pakistan faces an onslaught of the Amreeki sundi (American worm) which arrived here under diplomatic cover, much like murderer Raymond Davis and others of his ilk did. Tons of raw cotton is exported to countries whose cheap slave labourer force stitches shirts in third world sweatshops and then exports the expensive apparel back to us.

As for wheat, it is being smuggled out to Afghanistan to create artificial shortages most suited to smugglers, while the government procures rotten wheat from the Americans which it wants mixed with our own high quality wheat and then sold to the starving masses. Indeed the devil enters one through the stomach.

It is claimed that ‘the wreath surrounding the shield in the logo is ‘a reproduction of the floral designs used in traditional Mughal art. Its inclusion in the design reminds of the nation's cultural heritage.’

The fact is the government is not interested in reminding the masses of liberal pagan times during which our trade links extended from China to Mesopotamia. Since we were not all Muslims back then, those pages of history are gleaned over conveniently as if being proud of our ancient roots is something very shameful. We had plenty of culture before Muhammad bin Qasim or the Mongols landed here. And it was the Persians who softened the cruel family name of the raiding Mongols and re-named them Mughals.

And finally, the scroll supporting the shield carries the Urdu version of Qaed-e-Azam's famous motto: Faith, Unity, Discipline. The website claims ‘these three words articulate the guiding principles for the nation'.

Here I will remind you of Ta’leem-e-Balighan, Khawaja Mueenuddin’s classic play written in 1954 and telecast prior to 1971. Incidentally, 1971 was the year in which we lost half of Pakistan not to India or to the Bengalis but to our own military adventurism and political narrow-mindedness.

The playwright explains unity, faith and discipline while looking at three broken ghara (earthenware meant for storing water in rural areas). The satirist compared the state of affairs with shattered earthenware and declared through his dialogues how none of the original ideals could be seen any more in the ideology of Pakistan. He wrote the lines fifty-seven years ago and the analysis still holds true today.

Why has faith, as revealed in the noble Qur’an and taught by the messenger of Allah, turned so violent with the accursed arrival of American forces in Afghanistan? Count the militant groups created by our intelligence agency with the aid of foreign agencies and which have blown both the ordinary citizens and the purest of faiths into smithereens. Pakistanis have reacted sharply to the recent cold-blooded murders of Chechens in Quetta, that of journalist Saleem Shahzad and the one of a youth in Karachi. 

Despite blatant attacks on the Navy, the Air Force and the Army, there exist apparently sane educated people amongst us who never tire of eulogizing the loss of life that our ‘security forces’ alone seem to suffer, treat the General Headquarters as holy ground, and who label all critics as traitors or terrorists.

What of unity? Provinces are tired of being parts of a federation for whose creation one million people lost their lives in the communal riots engineered by the British. Certain politicians have won the day in having the NWFP (North West Frontier Province) renamed as Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and yet more are forming alliances within the country to carve out more provinces so that more ministries may be created and more bulletproof BMWs may land on our shores. Do we really need all this?

And discipline only exists in the undemocratic armed forces where disobedience invites court marshal and where today’s young officers dream of walking in the footsteps of military dictators Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf. Who wants to think about dozens of fair wide-eyed virgins, pleasing shade, fruits, non-alcoholic drinks and rivers of water in the hereafter when the reins of power seem more desirable in this land?

As for us ‘bloody civilians’, we will never reform unless we wear uniforms of the 'security forces', stick Pharaoh’s batons under our arms, salute everything that moves, paint trees in cantonments, point guns at our own brethren, patrol the unsafe streets and dream of residential plots in suburbs that were once productive fields. With everyone a suspect in his own country, possibly an Indian spy worthy of execution by the roadside, what will be left of the 170 million Pakistanis if they continue listening to America for a few more years? Not much, I suppose.

Here I rest my case and recommend that they explain what the state emblem means if they are unable to re-design it, re-write the text quoted above in order to reflect reality, and allow the souls of the founding fathers rest in peace until resurrection day.

Now listen to what the Allama's own son, Justice Javaid Iqbal, has to say about India, Hindus, and Pakistan:

©Tahir Gul Hasan 2011


ayesha said...

Bravo! Your observation is minutely accurate, a fecund imagination!

Unfortunately on the inception of Pakistan hordes of opportunists crossed the border who had according to them Podinay kay Bagh in United India and now needed compensation in the new-born Pakistan on their behalf. The dirty rotten feudal mindset took over swarming the entire infrastructure of this country which had great potential. It spread like an evil Octopus with its multiple arms adulterating every corner of the Establishment! I wish we had taken some lessons from the UK and India who abolished this system and now are on the road to progress.

Your mention of Quaids golden words "Faith, Unity and Discipline," have been audaciously taken over by " Paisa, Baradari and Hera Pheri."
I am sure the founding fathers of this country would be under convulsions at this point in their waiting dimension.

TGH said...

Thanks for your comments Miss Ayesha. I'm sure this piece has got people thinking and wanting to do something about things.
Your all-new Qaed's words are interesting!
The MQM wants the feudal system to come to an end but their own mindset is that of the Nawab's of Awadh; they want all white-collar jobs in Karachi and Hyderabd.

Anonymous said...

good one TGH. the way things are being followed in Pakistan, wait till there is a watermark or bhutto or benazir in every emblem you come across. jahan badmash raaj ho wahan koi emblem nahi chlta, bus badmashi chalti hay, speaking of which, have you read this?



TGH said...

Bilal, little bro, thanks for being here and letting us know your thoughts.
Hundreds of crooked politicians have their gangs and mini-armies. Karachi is mafia-land now.
I hope to write more on such stately subjects. Don't show despair, just keep the faith.
How's it going down there? :))

r k chhabra said...

"In 1947, Pakistan’s foundation was fool-proof but it was never upgraded to being duffer-proof"
Had been upgraded.....Pak could have been one of the best countries....has got all the requirements to be a great name it pak has got sad state of affairs....but hope is the best hop

TGH said...

Thanks, RK jee, for your comments and kind wishes. I posted something and God knows where it went!
I think, our region has tremendous potential and hard-working folks who can beat the pants (or dhoti) off any country. :)

Ibrahim Khalil said...

Such angst!

On the Basant, though it has been singled out in Pakistan because of various reasons not least because of loss of lives and millions of rupees wasted on an activity, along with many other events it will turn out to be unIslamic in educated light.

The Ansaars of Medina had allocated a day or days in a year for some celebrations where they played around and had games. The Prophet PBUH asked them about it. They said that its for celebrations and enjoying. To which Prophet replied that "Aren't the two Eids enough for you?" Not exact words but you can verify this anecdote easily from various sources.

Secondly, ignoring the loss of life, I have seen people spending beyond their means and wasting millions of rupees on an activity which from economic value addition/productivity wasteful.

Finally, you seem to have lost hope in this blog piece.

TGH said...

Thanks for your comments Ibrahim. The last sentence required a minor correction. Mind you, it still ends with a suggestion AFTER the case has been fully presented.
There's hard-hitting analysis and satire in my piece but no hopelessness. I always hang on to hope.
I feel like writing a separate article about Basant but I've pretty much said what I wanted to say.
What's next, Islamic hockey in 'jubba', women's wrestling in 'Abaya', swimming in shalwar qameez?
Sports are either good clean fun or downright reckless and dangerous. Even going to the shower is dangerous!
Once your haqooqALlah and haqooq al-i'bad are done, God has nothing to do with the mode you choose for your entertainment as long as it is not extreme in nature.
The clever folks of Lahore did invent a device to dodge the kite-flying thread ('dore'). How about innovating instead of banning?
Finally, those who are not from this region have no clue what Basant (spring festival) means to us and needn't raise shrill voices that deprive people of enjoyment and the feeling of togetherness.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind can disagree with this blog? Blown to smithereens, yes, all our hopes and dreams associated with our country are raped every day. “Bloody civilians” and “bloody expats” we all have become either too self involved or numb because of the day to day struggles that are imposed on us by the selfish leaders.

Loved reading through this, even though its depressingly sad. But then, truth usually hits us in the face.

There is no cherry picking the whole blog is great but following are my favorite bits

“Why has faith, as revealed in the noble Qur’an and taught by the messenger of Allah, turned so violent with the accursed arrival of American forces in Afghanistan? Count the militant groups created by our intelligence agency with the aid of foreign agencies and which have blown both the ordinary citizens and the purest of faiths into smithereens. Pakistanis have reacted sharply to the recent cold-blooded murders of Chechens in Quetta, that of journalist Saleem Shahzad and the one of a youth in Karachi. Despite blatant attacks on the Navy, the Air Force and the Army, there exist apparently sane educated people amongst us who never tire of eulogizing the loss of life our ‘security forces’ alone seem to suffer, treat the General Headquarters as holy ground, and who label critics as traitors.”

“Pakistan’s foundation was fool-proof but it was never upgraded to being duffer-proof”

“Once your haqooqALlah and haqooq al-i'bad are done, God has nothing to do with the mode you choose for your entertainment as long as it is not extreme in nature.”

I agree.

I wish that the revolt will come before extinction -MS

TGH said...

Thanks, MS! You always review my articles like a good thinking reader.
It is nice to see three people from the old days commenting in this space.
I think, this is the toughest piece I've written thus far. My, don't I just laaahve history?

Ibrahim Khalil said...

From internet search. I am sure you can find better sources

Anas (ra) reported that when the Prophet Muhammad (saw) migrated from Makkah to Madinah, the people of Madinah used to have two festivals. On those two days they had carnivals and festivity. Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked the Ansar (the Muslims of Madinah) about it. They replied that before Islam they used to have carnivals on those two joyous days. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) told them: 'Instead of those two days, Allah has appointed two other days which are better, the days of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.' (Hadith)

Ibrahim Khalil said...

I wouldn't call Basant unislamic or haram as Prophet PBUH didn't call such activities/festivities/celebrations of Ansar haram. Like you, Ansar could have made the same argument that it is harmless fun and our local culture and Prophet of Allah would have known that. This is my last argument on the subject.

TGH said...

Ibrahim, just saying 'hadith' is NOT enough. You could've pasted the URL to allow me to save time searching for it. I'm sure you didn't miss reading the following:

Even the judges who decreed the 'basant' ban can be wrong, the religious bigots can be wrong (as mentioned in the Qur'an). These men are not prophets and we are not Ansaar! All they are bent upon doing is making our lives miserable making us feel ashamed of being from the sub-continent.

I have written against Halloween for an entirely different reason. Read that too.

If we were to believe every 'sahih' thing, most of us would lose our limbs and necks, or be quite dead and buried.

There is a middle path in most things and what prophet Ibrahim (peace on him) wanted most from Allah was 'furqaan', which was the ability to judge between right and wrong.

Just do your duty to God and his creation and support those who speak the truth. I treat your being here as SUPPORT and do not mind your questions. I've been through this phase myself.


sumeraamir said...

Tahir ..a very well observed and an accurate article... In short you have truly explained three golden words of Quaid-1-Azam...Faith,Unity and discipline according to the current situation in a perfect way.I am really speechless..specially the way you described the four ingredients of the emblem with the relation of Witches...about TDCP in relation with Swat, Four major crops in relation with the separation of East Pakistan, electricity crises , I mean every thing is so clear...We all want resurrection of Pakistan no doubt but it is not possible with the people who are currently running the country. There must be a change a "POSITIVE" change.!
A very comprehensive article..I just love it..KEEP IT UP..!
And i also hope that this is not an imagination..a day will come when we will be living in a perfect society .
"Andaaz-e- bayan Garchey bohat shokh nahi hey
shaid k teray dil mein utar jae meri Baat"..Ameen!

TGH said...

SA, thanks very much for letting me know in detail. Perfect or not, we need to live in a more humane society and we must banish extremism with full might.
I think I've said what I've wanted to say through this article. Allow all your friends to read it for their own sake and splits hairs over it.
Never lose hope. :))

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how you have brought something so subtle to light and abashed... Applause!
One thing wonders me is how these "symbols" could influence or interest someone to whom they just mere symbols? leaving aside deliberate ignorance. I mean is it necessary be aware these signs, logos and satanic implications unless they effect you in some way? What my point is that are all these documentaries and messages about western way of life there to really refrain us (which i acknowledge)? or make us sheerly paranoid as to every darn move we make is a sin despite clean intentions?

TGH said...

Thanks for your valid concerns and comments.
The outcome of evil intentions and actions is evil. Suppose you don't know that HELLO is an inversion of O HELL! This means, that instead of saying Ya Allah most of the time, you're inadvertantly remembering HELL!
Islam's terminology has been corrupted by the Persian influence.
Satan does have his own methods, minions and symbolism meant to mislead the unaware. Be aware, open your eyes! Reflect, re-think, change, help others change.
On judgement day, my record will be tied to my neck, and yours around your neck.

Mishi said...

I always thought about the Emblem! I always wondered what it stands for...thankz for writing this post, now I know;p
great work btw:-)

Anonymous said...

I concur... But what about the people who have become so much more aware of these messages that they correlate most of the destruction's and natural calamities (e.g. the 2010 floods) to that of the secret organizations run by the Jews, and denying whether it could be an act of God! I mean is there any proof of such instances that are caused by the West's vested interests. Like I have heard about something called HARP! Is this all really true?

TGH said...

Welcome to the club, Mishi! I'm glad this article got your mind working in a new direction.
Sometimes people use certain symbols unknowingly. What needs to be investigated is if they're using them intentionally to send clear "we're with evil" signals to the OTHER side.
If you're a Muslim, please read a good translation of the Book.
I'm always here at the Help-Desk! :)

TGH said...

Anonymous, please say who you really are!

Please read my most popular articles:

Indeed, we label all the punishments as 'natural disasters' but what are they really?
I've read about HARP and other weather control weapons. The movies are a showcase for what's to come and serves to PROGRAMME us. TV does the same. Before the internet comes a jail (which it has in a way), do your own research.
Don't bad-mouth ALL the Jews, there are good people everywhere; it's the war-mongering Zionists and the devilish secret societies that are the real problem.
Read more at this space and you'll figure out a few things!

TGH said...

Here's an important video; it's long but informative (never mind a few inconsistencies about Islam):