Thursday, 10 March 2011

Alphabet For Politically-Incorrect Children

Dear grownups, sit back and let the children enjoy the new alphabet which took us so many decades of American intervention to develop!

A: army, aid, American (interests, ambassador), Ayub (Khan, the military DICK-tator)
B: boot, bomb, barbed-(wire), beheading, budget 
C: collateral (damage), C-in-C, CIA, court, chief(-justice), cartoons (of Prophet Muhammad)
D: drone, Defence (Housing Authority), debt, Dollar, DICK-tator
E: emergency, explosive, economic (sanctions)
F: FBI, fauj, flag-burning, flood, fundamentalist, flour (shortage)
G: Guantenamo (Bay), global (war of error or G-WOE), general, Green-(Card)
H: headquarter, hand grenade, halwa, hides (of sacrificial animals)
I: intelligence, ISI, Islamist, insurgent, IED (improvised explosive device), IMF, inflation
J: jacket (for suicide bombers), journalist, judge, Jew,
K: Kargil, KHAD, KGB
L: load-shedding, letter-bomb, lawyer, lota
M: medal, militant, miswaak, Muslim League (A,N and F), MOSSAD
N: nuclear, no-fly (zone), 9/11
O: Osama (bin Laden), operation
P: Plotocracy (diplomacy through plot allotments to cronies), Pentagon (pants-are-gone)
Q: (al)-Qaeda, Qur'an
R: RAW, rocket-launcher, regime-(change)
S: suicide-(jacket), Siachin, sugar (shortage), stoning (to death), Shariah law, security situation
T: Taliban, torture, terrorist, tax
U: USA, U.N.O, ultra-orthodox, underworld
V: visa (American), veto, veteran (of American crimes against humanity)
W: Washington, Waziristan, WMD, World (Bank), water-boarding
X: X-Ray (camp at Guantanamo Bay)
Y: Yankee
Z: Zionism, Zia-ul-Haq (the military DICK-tator)


  1. Feel free to add more words to this glorious achievement!

  2. Loved this Taahir... especially 'pants are gone', a sad and bitter reflection of the world we live in, and a true mirror of times to come... am lucky to have this blog to delve into when my eyes are far too clouded by rosy tints. Excellent read.


  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sam! Nothing like a reality check!
    Stay tuned, Rosy Tints.
    Thanks for resting here for a laugh...!

  4. what rozy tits u be talkin bout sir jeee . .?
    i aslo laaf too much reedin new ulfabet u make here ... ufff. ...haha'a .. .

  5. Thats Hilarious. I Enjoyed reading it. Shukar hay smajh mein aagya otherwise I have not enough wisdom to go through heavy words.
    All the best always!!!

  6. Aukha, you clown, at least read the interactor's ENGLISH before you start tripping all over Shakespeare's grave. You will be watched closely...

  7. Hey Tayyaba! Long time no see! Where have you been. Anyway, its nice to see you HERE laughing away.
    And why haven't you read the previous blog and acted upon the advice?

  8. Nice one TGH, remindes me of NFPs writing on TV couple of years back.

    Been a while I know, many reasons for being out of site, trying to get back to normality though :)



  9. Billy Boy, what a nice sir-prize, what's your existence like these days?
    I'm doing very well, tumhari dua say!
    Yara, Pakland ao tay mulaqaat shareef karo na! :)

  10. well my existance took me to places but looks like I will be here for a while now, i.e agar kabhi jahazon ka rukh sydney ki taraf howa to "jee ayan nuu" :)

  11. Very Interesting Tahir..funny as well as Sarcastic...

  12. Billy, Dubai mein to mulaqaat kee nahi, abb Ass-tralia mein kahan? Anyway, thanks for your offer. :)

  13. Meena jee, thanks! Ae tuhaday jae paRhay-likhay lokaN wastay hi tay likhiaya ae maiN!

  14. Takh view......all these should not read...not follow....not iplement....except one i.e ..Qu'ran..follow love for countrymen and all humanity...this is my wish for my hamsaya mulk
    raj kumar chhabra

  15. Thanks Raj Kumar jee, for wishing your neighbours well. :)

  16. Well, It is really interesting no doubt but sad too....and I hope one day we will be able to change all the alphabets into a positive and a genuine manners, so that we would be able to feel proud to make our generation to Learn the true meanings of all these alphabets..! Insh'Allah

  17. Thanks for your kind wishes and comments, SA! Never lose hope! :))

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