Monday, 11 April 2011

A Faceless Friend

It is spring time. I see the birds and the bees doing their song and dance routines, and I think it is time for me as well to hammer out a few songs.

Hurry, the quills, my lute!

I have been writing since a long time now and it does not bother me if my words, set to hummable melodies, do not climb the global music charts.

Do we fall in love so that others may grade our emotions? Love is not a classroom with a strict teacher or a carved-in-stone principle. Love has a roof that reaches up to the heavens, with its own secret book written daily using the blood of longing; its roll-call register shows there are more absentees than those present. Love cannot be caged or bottled up but, mercifully, it can be expressed.

The reader is advised not to concern herself with speculating about who the supreme rejecter might be in this song. She could be anybody or nobody, or somebody-turned-nobody.

I am unable, as of this writing, to post a video of the song that might showcase the rhythm or the melody to which the lyrics are set. One need not imagine that this is a rock anthem set to a fast beat with distorted guitars. Far from it! It is a sensitive mid-tempo pop song that might be labelled ‘adult contemporary, MOR (middle of the road)’.

The interesting thing about the composition is that the guitar is not played in standard (EADGBE) tuning but utilizes the D-modal (or Celtic) alternate tuning that produces far more interesting tonal textures, poly-chords and bass lines. It helps me play the guitar finger-style instead of using a plectrum.

There is only one verse in the song, and then the chorus, followed by a bridge that re-connects with the chorus. And it all fades out like most good things in life usually do.

By all means, imagine the song like a video in your mind and send me a copy when you are done. Of course, until our last breaths, we are never done.

A Faceless Friend


You can’t buy what they don’t sell
Or don a feeling on your empty shell
Rules for fools break my spirit down
As you happily sound a death knell

    For you my lonely struggle
    Is a laughing matter, pure trouble
    En route to your moral high ground
    A thorn in the side, an obstacle


A faceless friend I am
From the great beyond
I get no love from you
Only sophisticated taunts

    A faceless friend I am
    With endless wants
    Turn your face around, create
    Your perfect right from two wrongs


You want no waves of rascality
Only graveyard calm, tranquillity
With civic sense you slice me down
Into a one-sided plurality

    Your cup, my storm, and dire warnings
    I miss the good of your good mornings
    My simple gift was no poison pill
    But the drug of love so habit-forming

[Repeat CHORUS and fade…]

Copyright ©2011 Tahir Gul Hasan


  1. Who has offended you now?? The song is a bit self flagelling as well... but like a lot of your writing, does draw me in to read, re-read and comment!

    TGH, faceless or not, may your tribe increase!

  2. Jhilmil, only songbirds are authorised to forget my warning ("She could be anybody or nobody, or somebody-turned-nobody").
    I guess you know how traditional Urdu romantic poetry is. Self-flagellating? Why, it still doesn't make me a Shi'a; a SHE-ite maybe but certainly not Shi'ite!
    Wait till you actually HEAR it. Who knows, if I find a voice, I may even hammer out a heart-wrenching RESPONSE (jawab-e-shikwa):

    CHORUS (girl):

    I do think of you, my love
    From the great beyond
    Its my tears, not the dew
    On your petals, down my thorns

    Destiny smiles at us
    Somewhere else I belong
    Never say I'm not yours
    What of the unwritten bond?

  3. sir jeee.. .2 mucch type peotry,,.many word i navar undarstand... why u not b writin saxy peotryy which men also like me be likin....

  4. I loved this blog so much; it has successfully thrown me in depression… I loved each word of it…

    “I get no love from you
    Only sophisticated taunts”

    Reminds me of an untold story of a blind girl who fell in love with a faceless man…

    “Never say I'm not yours
    What of the unwritten bond?”

    We live our lives so sure of ourselves yet among the unresolved mysteries. Thanks for writing T, I wish you keep writing

  5. Sorry Aukha, I don't sell what you really need. Are you getting it, by the way? Keep reading and you'll improve your vocabulary one day!

  6. Anonymous (Anon-MS), thanks for strolling in my garden.
    The general idea was to allow the spillways of our eyes to open because sadness brings out the best in us! You will feel better soon.

  7. Taahir

    I loved the song so resonates with me for many many reasons...beautifully crafted. One of the best I have ever seen you write. Bravo.


  8. Shall we PLAY IT AGAIN SAM? Thanks!
    I do know a thing or two about resonations...
    Stay tuned for more!

  9. Encore Encore Encore Cherie!

  10. I remain thankful, whatever the situation.

  11. Tahir, wish youldn't remain faceless! this is Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!A lot of people can commisserate with what you've written. one can feel the angst, yet the barbs come through, perhaps in retaliation to the "sophisticated taunts"???Interesting piece, Never give up {pun intended} After all one only achieves what one belives in!

  12. BTW, When are you writing the SAXY Poetry????????? use the saxophone...might help.. teehee

  13. TG17, if someone tells the sun every morning, "You're brilliant", it can't allow itself to spin out of control.
    Dastardly or masterly, my stroke stands its own ground. But thanks for appreciating, I know what you ‘re saying here. All I can do now with this brilliance is go on doing what I do.
    It is indeed hitting the bull’s head if at least one more person, apart from the poet, can identify herself or himself in the piece; the rest is all really ‘bull’.
    People lose patience, get on with their lives, and speak of having ‘far more important things to do in life than fall’ all over. Who has the time to go to a bungalow’s backyard and get herself jabbed by a thorn (I’m sure you know the song) when roses are easily available by the roadside?
    And as for the saxophone-induced saxy things, I thought the Bollywood parodies filled most stomachs! :))

  14. Wish every two wrongs could create a perfect right in reality. Sadly every wish can't be fulfilled nor every obstacle removed from the path.

  15. TJ, I've already said that!
    Have you heard someone say THIS before, and if not, what do you think beyond my idea?
    And why don't I see your picture here?

  16. This is beautiful, TGH!!! Would love to hear it as a song!

  17. Thanks NT, there's more power in sadness, don't you think?
    Hear it as a song? Send the best acts you know who want better-than-average songs. :)

  18. A good read really.... Much appreciated... Keep it up Brother.


  19. Thanks for the appreciation, bro!

  20. "Your cup, my storm, and dire warnings
    I miss the good of your good mornings
    My simple gift was no poison pill
    But the drug of love so habit-forming"
    ( Just Lovely specially the above part)--tgh

  21. Why do poets associate spring with sadness most of the times? just wondering...

  22. Who knows? Try asking the flowers and the honey-bees, Arooma...
    Apart from the lone question, what other answers appear on your mind's slate after reading the lyrics?

  23. Anonymous. June 11, 2014 at 3:33 AM

    I like the poetry. Sadness is a valid emotion. I would like to hear it. Music video please!

    1. TGH. June 11, 2014 at 3:54 AM

      Thanks for the support, Cole. How on earth can this Scotty beam up the song to Maine? I only have an unplugged shower-version of the song. Will that do? :)